May 10th, 2005

Old Friend

Of Toes and Strong Boots

I cracked my toes against a desk when I woke up this morning (sans slippers or shoes) and it hurt bigtime. Now, several hours later, my toes are still hurting quite a bit, especially when I try and flex them :(

Thank God for big boots holding them pretty firmly in place. Not looking forward to taking them off this evening when I get home to have a peek. Hope they're feeling better by then!
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Old Friend

Of Flats, Famous Friends and Feet (well toes but it didn't start with a 'F'!)

Of Flats
....or houses would actually be slightly more appropriate. After spending the last few months living by myself I will be having two new housemates enter the fray from June. I've really enjoyed having the entire place to myself and I think I needed the hiatus of having flat/house mates around to enjoy the peace and rediscover (or discover) a few things that I'd forgotten or had never found. The last time I'd properly lived by myself was when I was 18 for about two years when I had the flat above the old Leisure Games site. Then, after a brief stint with ukmonty and Simon I enjoy the experience of having a bedsite for about 8 months before getting another house with corone, Stig and Tina. Since then I've lived either with flat/housemates or in shared houses so having a break from that was nice.
Anyway, as of June I will be joined by two young ladies and two kitty-kats. I've known them for a couple of years and we all reckon we can live pretty well together and apart from anything else it'll be nice to live with girls again. So Louisa and Jade will be joining me along with cats Wookie and Jizz !! Roll on the summer (and extra cash not spent on rent by myself!!!) :D

Of Famous Friends
It seems that I know Johnny Borrell from years back. For those who don't know who he is he's the singer and guitarist of Razorlight - who've had a string of hits recently in the UK (don't know if they've made an impact in the US or elsewhere though?). In my youth I used to frequent the famous 'Heath Parties' (well, famous in our little bit of North London anyway ;p) and was (I've been told) one of the regulars at these (memory is a bit sketchy about many of them...ahem). Anyway, amongst the assortment of indy kids and rockers who attended was said Mr Borrell and apparently, I've been reliably informed, we all knew each other. I didn't realise it myself but it's highly possibly we did but it was a long time ago and there were many scruffy looking kids wandering around with beer cans and guitars back then! Plus he must have been about 14-16 and you can change alot in the intervening years.... Good on him though, glad he made it.

Of Feet
Regular readers will have noticed that I stumbed my toe this morning (interesting life I lead isn't it when a stumbed toe becomes a Journal entry!). Well, after surviving all day I finally took my socks and shoes off and the toe is fairly bruised and slightly swollen. I don't however think it's broken as much of the initial pain has gone and it seems to wiggle fairly well without any pain. I'm taking this as a good sign and will not be heading to the doc's about it. Of course if it falls off in a few days you can say 'I told you so' and be all smug.
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