May 12th, 2005

Serenity Firefly Movie

I have Gas!

Well I have gas again.

No, not that kind!

The kind that allows you to heat your water, cook and keep your house warm!!! Honestly, you guys!!!

I came home yesterday to discover that my gas had been cut off by the nice men doing gas pipe repairs all along the road. This I can understand but I'd liked to have been told beforehand. I'd also have appreciated it more had they not all gone home at 5pm and left me with no connection all night!!

I rang the number on a card they posted through my door and 4 hours later (at 11pm) someone turned up but couldn't do anything as the pipe outside hadn't been connected because they needed access to my house to switch the gas supply inside aswell as outside. So he did that for me then.

This morning I spoke to the workers and their supervisor who then made the connection and I've just had to pop home in my lunch break to allow them access to my house again so they can switch my supply back on and give the place a gas check. Which it has passed.

So, this evening I can finally have a nice warm bath, cook myself a nice warm meal and sit in a nice warm lounge.

Still don't know if I'm working Saturday though and have to email everyone I haven't contacted yet to let them know that my birthday bash has been postponed until June!!! Grrr.....

On the plus side a load of DVDs (11!!) turned up in the post for me this morning. I also watched 'Monster' last night which I thought was well acted but wasn't really my type of film.

Til' laters!!

Old Friend

The new DVD Purchases

As demanded by my public here are the latest DVDs that cluttered up my doorway this morning....

2001 - A Space Odyssey
American Beauty
House of Flying Daggers
The Invisible Man (1984 BBC TV Series)
Friends Season 10
Killing Zoe
Last Man Standing
Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
Shrek 2
Star Wars - Clone Wars (Animated)
The Usual Suspects
The Brides of Fu Manchu
Vengeance of Fu Manchu
The Face of Fu Manchu
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