May 15th, 2005

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Canaries Last Chance

I'd just like to wish Norwich City all the best of luck this afternoon as they play to retain their Premiership survival.

Norwich are best placed amonst the four bottom clubs and if they win they will automatically secure their status for next season. If they draw or loose then it's all down to the results of the other three teams (Crystal Palace, West Brom and Southampton). If Norwich don't make it then I hope Crystal Palace manage to stay up instead....but we'll see the final tally in a few hours time.

So my afternoon is now going to be filled with football, heartache, heartbreak and heart-stopping moments hopefully followed by relief and celebrations.

Wish the Canaries some luck!
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THE MISSION @ THE ASTORIA & Assorted Other gigs

The Mission are back and playing London Astoria on September 24th!!!


Gene Loves Jezzbel are at The 100 Club, Oxford Street, on June 2nd - haven't seen them since the 80's I think. Anyone know what they're like these days?

Also, Neds Atomic Dustbin are on the road again and playing The Forum in December! I thought they were wll and truly buried?

Nouvelle Vague are also playing in London on 12th July at the Queen Elisabeth Hall (where's that?).
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Well, that didn't go so well..............

Ho hum, a season in the Championship it is then as one of the firm favourites to be promoted back to the Premiership in 2006.

All the four bottom teams had moments in the coveted 17th position but West Brom managed to get it. The scenes at their ground were fantastic and well done to them. They proped the whole table up this morning, a 'honour' that is now Southamptons.

17 West Brom     34 points
18 Crytal Palace   33 Points
19 Norwich City   33 Points
20 Southampton   32 Points


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When Language Skills Vanish......

God, I didn't realise how much French I've lost until just now when I was signing up to a French website and started getting lost in the subscription process!!! I should have realised something was up last night as I watched Killing Zoe for the first time and found myself almost exclusively relying on the subtitles!!!

Time for me to start practising more....or get a refresh course (Andy - is Claire still available for an evenings tuition?)
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GigMania VI: G & H

Hmm, it's been over a month since my last GigMania installment so I'll drop in a double bill of G and H right now. I know its also been a long time since my last poety update too so I may drop one of those in here over the next few days.

Till then, here are......

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