May 24th, 2005

Serenity Firefly Movie

Dr Who and Harry Potter

Well, the popular press was full of geeky-news today.

I'd advise you Brits to avoid either The Sun or The Mirror though if yu're Harry Potter fans. They are carrying a HEADLINE story about the suspension in betting on which prominent character gets killed off in the latest Harry Potter book. Betting has been suspended after a rush of bets placed on a certain character in betting shops in the town that the book is being printing. It sounds like someone at the print company has read the book and let some friends know. Unfortunately the paper printed this story INCLUDING THE NAME of the character and the PHOTO of the CHARACTER IN THE MOVIES!

So I now have a fairly good idea that ***CENSORED*** gets killed in the new book :(

In Dr Who news, apparently Billie Piper is leaving the series part-way through Season 2.

Harry Potter - Evening Standard

The Evening Standard is also carrying the story - so another paper to avoid.

To be honest, I have a feeling it'll be all over the news too. Apart from being upset myself it's more of a shame for all the kids who've been waiting for this book.

Curse the media!
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My house smells of fish and I'm listening to Cradle of Filth.

I'm also toying with the idea of going to the cinema and taking advantage of the fact that it's a week night AND the cinema has got a selection of late performances starting between 11-midnight because they're open anyway showing as many Revenge of the Sith performances as possible (two screens are showing it at midnight!).

I don't have work tomorrow so this is also edging my judgment on.

Sin City has preview performances Thursday week. Am tempted to go to the 21:30 showing. Either that or a Saturday or Sunday AM/early PM showing. Anyone else interested if this gets the green light?

Arrrggg.... I'm out of fresh fruit and am probably having to resort to tomato munching if I am to avoid chocolate.

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Fancy Dress Pt II

Just been looking through the Fancy Dress site I linked to in an earlier post.

There's a few costumes amongst those I really wouldn't mind buying for certain people to try on I can tell you :p
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Fancy Dress Pt III

Not that I'm currently obsessed with various costumes on the fancy dress site but do you think it'd be bad for me to throw an all girls fancy dress invite only affair at my place and specify what costumes each invited girl should wear?
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