May 25th, 2005

Old Friend

For those of you who always wonder what I look like.....

Yeah, well, I finally got round to uploading some recent photos of myself and as several of you only know the name and not the person I thought I'd better share a picture of me that wasn't taken 20-30 years ago :p

This one was taken in early May when I was in Vienna. It's actually just infront of the Imperial Palace, but you can't really see any of that in this shot!

Anyway, this is me.............

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Old Friend

Well Paid Wankers and 'Ransom-Ware'

I've worked it out and if I lived in Denmark and donated sperm five times a week I'd be making £235 tax free! That's be roughly £1018 take home a month!

Sperm Supply Fear Over Tax Demand (BBC News Online; Wednesday 25th May 2005)

Also, a new nasty Trojan seems to have sprung up. It'll hold your files to ransom and send you encryption codes to unlock them when you cough up the cash.

Trojan Holds Computer Files To Ransom (NewScientist.Com; Wednesday 25th May 2005)

Angus May 2005

(Wanted) Supremacy - The Board Game

Well, I actually have the main game. What I'm after are the supplements, mega mapboard and mega rulebook for it?

I'm currently involved in some ebay bids for a load of bits but they are in the States and I'm dubious about postage costs if I do win them (currently have email outstanding to auctioneer about P&P costs).

Anyway, it occured to me that I have a few gamers, past and present, who read my LJ so i thought I'd throw the question out to you guys....

Any of you have Supremacy expansions you're willing to sell? If so please either leave a comment or contact me off-Journal.

Cheers, Angus