May 30th, 2005

Old Friend

Movies, Movies, Movies (Millions; Lost In Translation; Gattica) + Other Random Mutterings...

Just a quick update.

Saw 'Millions' at the cinema this afternoon. Pretty good, enjoyable British comedy. Worth watching but could easily be watched at home on DVD or on telly when the BBC undoubtably show it for Christmas (it is a BBC Films production). Overall I'd give it a B- on the old school report card.

Watched 'Lost in Translation' and 'Gattica' this evening on telly. Lost in Translation was a favourite of 2004 for me and I still love it. I'd never seen Gattica before but I must say it was very enjoyable and I have no idea why I'd previously avoided seeing it. It wasn't anything like I suspected it would be, but then again I didn't really know what it was I 'suspected' it would be either.

Not sure what I'm up to tomorrow apart from a badly needed Tesco's run in the morning (I am severly low on supplies in the house it seems) and possibly seeing one of my two new housemates moving more of her belongings here in the afternoon along with two cats. I hope the cats aren't too 'weirded' out by the whole affair and adapt quick enough as the last thing I want is to find little 'presents' scattered around the house whilst they 'adapt' :p

Rest of next week is already filling up. Games on Wednesday with Dom (and maybe Nicole; Seth is away in Sardinia for a friends wedding), Sin City on Thursday and Tori Amos followed by potential clubbing on Friday. Tuesday's currently free but I'm either going to leave it that way or no doubt have it filled tomorrow.
Old Friend

Break Ups Can Be Strange Affairs....

Well, Sarah and myself split up on Thursday (just before I gamed which is one of the reasons there was no 'gaming report' from me this week. Other things on my mind at the time).

We decided to still spend this weekend together as we alreday had made plans for it which also involved tickets we'd already booked and paid for.

Anyway, I can honestly say it's been the best weekend we've had together for ages.

It's strange but I think it's partially because we feel a lot more relaxed and free.

Anyway, we're not getting back together. We've both decided we prefer just keeping it as special friends as that allows us to do our own things and is a lot less pressure/hassle than going out. Plus the reasons of the most recent split haven't gone away anyway.
Old Friend

Ebay Supremacy!!!!

Phew. Good job I set my alarm for 4.55am :p

There were a whole host of items on ebay which I was after that finished between 5.05 - 5.20am which I knew would be hotly contested. How hotly I wasn't aware until the closing minutes though.

Someone managed to beat me on two of the items in the closing seconds, just pipping me by a single dollar. Still I managed to win 11 of the 13 I was going for so now owe a lucky man in the States just over $380 + about $80 shipping. Ouch!

The good news is that I'm now most definetly up for a weekend 'Supremacy' bonanza in the near future when everything arrives!


Back to sleep for me I think. See you later when I wake up at a decent hour!
Old Friend

A Day of Cleaning....

I'm knackered. After splitting my sleep last night because of the ebay auctions ending at 5am I was one of the few souls who was working today. Even though the shop was closed I had paperwork to do and also some work to catch up on as I wasn't in Wednedsay thru Friday last week.

Sarah joined me for a late lunch followed by a Tesco's trip. Back home was clean-o-rama time. My cleaner wasn't coming today because of the public holiday and with the new housemates moving in this week the place got the treatment, mainly courtesy of Sarah who offered to blitz the place as I'd paid for all of the food and drinks over the weekend. Whilst she was dusting and hoovering I started clearing out one of the spare rooms and also finished sorting out some unfinished reorganising both downstairs and in the bedroom.

Am now knackered and looking forward to a quick shower before making dinner. Sarah has also made a chocolate cake (or I should say 'Is in the prcess of making a chocolate cake' as she hasn't finished just yet). So I have an inkling I know what desert will be this evening :p
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