May 31st, 2005

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GigMania VII: I, J & K

This latest installment of GigMania includes some classic acts such as Iggy Pop, Iron Maiden, Killing Joke and The Jesus & Mary Chain. More importantlt to me though it includes such gems as In The Nursery, Inaura, James Ray, Judda, King Swamp and KMFDM.
It also boasts the band I've seen more than any other. I probably wouldn't have seen them so many times had I not known them but it became ritual for a while to meet up with them at their London gigs. I was even at their very first London date downstars at The Dome supporting Vendemmian alongside Junk back on the 9th March 1993. Over 12 years ago!!! Boy do I feel older now :p
The band.... well, you'll just have to check under the link and see who I saw live 19 times!

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Old Friend

Alan Moore Pulls Titles from DC Comics and Slams V For Vendetta

Now Alan Moore has been highly critical of every single one of the film adaptations of his comic works to the extent that he doesn't accept any money for them (he gives his share to the artists who worked on the original series) and has any reference to himself removed from the film.

Now admittedly none the films based upon his work (which incldues From Hell, Constantine and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) have been anywhere near as good as the originals but I don't think they've been disasterous as films go. Anyway, Mr Moore has been so upset at his name being used in conjunction with promotion of the forthcoming 'V For Vendetta' film, including the Producer inferring that he was actually helping with the film, that he has publically condemned it and also pulled all of his future work from DC Comics after they didn't help issue retractions. His feud with DC has actually been on-going for many years in various guises.

Anyway, full story/rant can be found on the Comic Book Resources News Page and is certainly worth a read to anyone whose interest in Moore's works.
Old Friend

(Film) Sin City

Right, I am going to go to the 9.30pm performance of Sin City this Thursday at VUE Finchley Lido. Sarah is also coming but I know Dom and Elaine can't make it because it's a bit late. I have outstanding calls out of my soon-to-be housemates and Bug but don't know if any of them can make it.

Anyone else fancy joing Sarah and I?