June 1st, 2005

Angus May 2005

Red Wine/White Wine

Hmmm.... well I didn't actually get much done this evening afterall.

Toddled around LJ and tidying the house earlier this evening and then started watching the second half of the England vs Colombia match when Louisa turned up with her parents to drop off a load more stuff. After said parents had left she whipped out a bottle of wine which we then demolished before hitting my reserves.

Now it's gone 1.30, Louisa has retired to play some guitar before crashing and I seem to be back on LJ for a final post and check before crashing out myself.

Have tomorrow off though which is good. Alas I need to travel into town though to actually collect the tickets for this Fridays Tori Amos show as they're still waiting for me to pick up. Mind you gives me an excuse to pick up my Mission tickets and see what else is about plus hit HMV :p

Night night folks.
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Old Friend

DVD Shoppage and more work....

Well I *did* end up working today, but only from 1.30 which left me the morning to head into London and pick up the Tori Amos tickets, buy myself a Mission ticket for September and also hit the HMV sale for DVD shoppage.

What did I buy? Well......

Aliens VS Predator
Chronicles of Riddick
The Dreamers
Hardware Wars
The Ladykillers (remake with Tom hanks)
The Motorcycle Diaries
Oceans Eleven
Oceans Twelve
Resident Evil
Resident Evil - Apocalypse
The Thing
This Is Spinal Tap

I had to get Spinal Tap as I've never actually seen it and this seems to have shocked a number of people. As it was in the 3 DVDs for £20 section and I was also one DVD short of taking advantage of the offer it went in the basket. The other choice was the babylon 5 original movie which almost made it. Maybe next time.....

Am now knackered and Dom has just turned up for some gaming so I'd better go and whip his ass :p
Old Friend


Shattered and going to bed.

I was well and truly thrashed at all the games I played this evening.

Dome easily won both the Call of Cthulhu CCG game and the first game of Ticket to Ride: Europe (hell he scored over DOUBLE the points I did!!). I couldn't even beat Dom in the second game of Ticket to Ride: Europe when he messed up and went to the wrong destination and scored -12 points from it! Mind you he only beat me by 1 point in that one (as opposed to baout 60!).

Good fun was had. Although I'm very tired.

Night, night....