June 2nd, 2005

Filler Bunny

(Meme) Story Role....

Well, everyone else seems to be doing it so why shouldn't I take a moment out from being (apparently) the leader and become one of the sheep.....

You Are The Champion
"Don't worry, I got it."

You play as the Hero. You are the one who usually tries to take on the world for any cause you believe in. You are a natural leader in most circles and are not afraid to take that position if a situation calls for it. Others look to you for inspiration and praise you for your acheivements. Even though they love and adore you, however, you are left feeling alone or overwhelmed many times. You're almost always positive and keep your chin up despite any setbacks because you know that you will succeed in the end, no matter how long it takes.

Which Classic Story Role Do You Play?
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Old Friend

It's the end of the world as we know it.......

Prophecies of doom maybe, but also a very real danger.

Bird Flue: We're All Going To Die (The Register; Thursday 2nd June 2005)

Can Tamiflu Save Us From Bird Flu? (NewScientist.com; Thursday 2nd June 2005)

Apparently we have a Pandemic roughly every 70 years and the last big one was 1918 which killed about 100 million people worldwide with much smaller ones in 1957 and 1968/69 which killed around one million.

So who's up for partying like there's no tomorrow? :p
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