June 3rd, 2005

Old Friend

(Film) Sin City - First Thoughts

Can't do a proper write-up right now as I have to get to work. May try and do one over the weekend, which would also be good because it'll allow me more time to think about it too :p

Sin City was very good, it took me a little time to get into it but once I had I loved it. Would certainly consider seeing it again at the cinema as it definetly deserves a second-viewing.

felineparadox said it made him want to run SLA again, and I can see why. The film (and comic series) does have a definite SLA-ness about it.

Anyway, report card and report to hopefully follow. I'm off to see Tori Amos this evening followed by clubbing at Low Down & Dirty.

For those I'm meeting for Tori either drop me a line today at work or I'll see you at Hammersmith Station just before 8pm. Make sure you have your mobiles so we can find each other though! :p

Old Friend

When all you want is sleep.....

I'm absolutely knackered.

It's only 4 o'clock and even though I'm leaving slightly early today time is now going mega-slow.

In an ideal world I would have nothing to do this evening and be able to curl up in bed and sleep, sleep, sleep.

Not that my evenings entertainment is bad at all. Tori Amos live in concert followed by club-action. I can't get out of either (nor do I really want to) but it is going to leave me dead this weekend.

No alarm calls for me tomorrow morning I can tell you!!

I hope everyone has a great evening whatever you're up to and a great weekend if I don't get a chance to talk/see/read your LJs before then!!!!
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