June 6th, 2005

Old Friend

Silent Hill 4 Question, Chainsaw Warrior + Cats + Grimbo

A handful of things before sleep time.

1) Silent Hill 4: Where do you find the 'Toy Key' and how do you get to the other side of the station near the beginning of the game. I have a young lady who can't find her way over and got fairly frustrated about it :p

2) Dave - I have a copy of 'Chainsaw Warrior' en route to me so when you're next down in London we can finally have a game! :)

3) Jizz and Wookie moved in today. Whilst Jizz immediately started exploring downstairs Wookie stayed in hiding most of the day in the carrier that she came in. Once she did finally venture out though she's definetly become the more adventerous even reaching the far corners of upstairs (an area Jizz has still yet to explore). They seem to be familiarising themselves though which is good.

4) Grim - sorry I didn't get a chance to phone/text you back. Will do so tomorrow. Am good for meeting up next weekend although not sure if I can supply crash space here at present due to everyone still in the process of moving in here, although the cats should be fine by then. Will chat tomorrow.

5) Goodnight folks. Hope you all had a good weekend!
Old Friend

Cats + B-Movie

I really shouldn't have been worried about the cats taking ages to get used to the house.

Both Wookie and Jizz have made themselves very at home and whereas some nerves were in place for 'exploration and adventure' today they are Queens of all they behold!

They've gotten used to the stairs (they were brought up in a flat) and have indeed taken to sitting half-way up surveying the lounge. Jizz has even been brave enough to explore all the bedrooms and is indeed at the moment trying to act as a footwarmer for me. Actually I think she is trying to get my attention away from the computer and onto her for strokes.

Better get going I guess....

Oh, before I do B-MOVIE THIS FRIDAY!!!!!

Sort of a belated birthday bash for me although I'd be there anyway :p