June 8th, 2005

Filler Bunny

"A Leader Amongst Men....." Or "It's the Monty Pytho Meme!"

Once again I come out in charge. Sooner or later you minions will finally realise that you should all bow down and obey me!!!

You are Arthur, King of the Britons. A bold leader,
you travel in search of brave knights who will
join your court in Camelot, and you seek the
Holy Grail at the behest of God.

Which Monty Python's Quest For the Holy Grail character are you?
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Old Friend

Printer Advice and Tasks of the Day....

Yay! I have a day off and got up reasonably bright and early!

I have written out a 'List of Things For Angus To Do'(tm) list and am about to embark upon the first task in a few moments. The list currently has nine important tasks on it, although the ninth is probably a bit iffy (buy a new printer) as it's not urgent and I'll probably let that one go for a couple of weeks.

On the subject of printers, does anyone have any suggestions? Laser printer mono/colour? All in one multipurpose job (photocopier/scanner/printer/photo thingy?).

Give me your thoughts (along with any links or prices if you're feeling really helpful!) :p

Anyway, task one....laundry. Followed by sorting out my broadband contract and trying to fix my CD/DVD RW drive.....
Old Friend

Games Night

Much game playing fun was had tonight.

Due to Nicole having to go and cover the garbage gig for a Brazillian newspaper/journal at the last moment she had to bail so it left Seth, Dom and myself. We kicked off with a game of Carcassonne, which was good fun although at onbe point we all wondered if 'any' of the cities would actually be completed as the map was getting very chaotic! Dom won fairly convincingly.

We then brought out Ticket To Ride: Europe as Seth hadn't played that version and both Dom and myself wanted to give it a go with more than just the two of us. Western Europe got very crowded but I had some great destinations which pretty much allowed me to lay a straight path across Europe and collect a whole bundle of points. Needless to say that I ultimately won it even though Dom gave me a scare at the end by some blatant point-based tile laying in the wilderlands of nowhere!

We then turned our attention to a couple of Steve Jackson Games titles that none of us had played. 'Burn in Hell', a game where you are collecting the souls of the damned and 'SPANC' (Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls), a card game which sees your spacefaring feline crew go up against various challenges and win toys!

I think we must have fluffed the rules of 'Burn in Hell' because the game we played sucked. It was dull, linear and over in under half the suggested time. None of us fancied a rematch and Seth ended up winning by a few points more than Dom and myself respectively. It is also NOT a game to play if you are short-sighted. A lot of the action is stealing and burning your opponents 'souls' (cards) but the writing is quite small and if, like me, you can't read it across the table you're doomed! Despite this fact though the game still sucked.

SPANC on the otehr hand is a brilliant little game and one we're sure to play as a filler again in the future. It could do with having some more TOY cards as we went through the entire selection and had to reshuffle. I'd certainly recommend people having a gander at it.
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