June 12th, 2005

Old Friend

Urban Gaming - The Future

There's been a few articles over the last few months about 'Urban Gaming', kind of a cross between Live Action Roleplaying and a Computer Game. I'm not sure what I think of the idea. In some ways it's a fun new style of gaming that could become very popular, on the other hand it is fairly open for a lot of things to go wrong. We already saw a Chinese man convicted of murder this week for stabbing another player who he leant a magic sword to in a computer game (the player then sold it on-line for a few hundred dollars). But urban gaming involves innocent bystanders who have no idea that they are being used in the game, plus the rivalry between players could overspill in a game where you don't know your opponents....

Gamers Turn Cities Into A Battleground (NewScientist.com; Sunday 12th June 2005)
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Old Friend

The Gorillaz

I seem to have become addicted to the new Gorillaz CD. It's a very good album, and overall I think it's better than their first effort although I'm sure I know a few people who'll disagree with me there :p

The CD has a very good 'special guests' list too that includes Dennis Hopper, Roots Manuva, Shaun Ryder and of course De La Soul on Feel Good Inc.

Favourite track - at the moment I think it has to be "Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head" which features Dennis Hopper.
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    Kaiser Chiefs (ok so I'm taking a break from The Gorillaz!:)