June 17th, 2005

Old Friend

Women's Football (or Soccer to the Yanks amongst you)

Womans Football has been getting a lot of coverage recently, with the European Championships being hosted in England at present and woman's club level teams getting a lot more exposure last season.

Lennart Johannson, the president of UEFA, has recently been condemned because of some of his suggestions on how to promote womans football further and how sposnors could cash in on it. (UEFA Boss Responds To Sexism Row - BBC News Online; Friday 17th June 2005).

He seemed happy making comments such as "Companies could make use of a sweaty, lovely looking girl playing on the ground" but condemned comments made last year by Sepp Blatter (president of FIFA) when he called for players to wear 'tighter shorts'.

Whilst we at the shop have come up with many ideas on how they could promote womans football and attract a much wider audience (none of which I'm about to mention here), we believe that people are actually missing the point of promoting a very valid sport.
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