June 22nd, 2005

Angus May 2005

Camden Saved!

Camden Market, The Electric Ballrom, et al, have all had a reprieve as John Prescott rejected p[lans by London Underground for its planned £100 million redevelopment of the area. The rejection came after a five-month public inquiry and John Prescott said that the plans would have had a devastating impact on the character and apperence of the area and would be detrimental to viability and vitality of Camden Town.

It's good to see Camden saved and not turned into another generic shopping district. It's also good that the Elecrtic Ballroom has been saved - all they now need to do is start putting on a decent club night again!

I do feel a bit sad for ukmonty though as he really had his heart set on pressing the button to start demolishing the Ballroom. Nevermind, maybe in 30 years or so :p

Full Story: Lights To Stay On At Electric Ballroom (This Is London; Wednesday 22nd June 2005)

(Thanks to cookwitch for the link!)
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London Nights

I had a really nice night in town yesterday. I met up with ingenue_the at The Ship and we were joined by melissamilitelo for a couple of pints. We stayed on for a bit after Melissa vanished off into the warm night before we finally succumbed to the urges of our stomaches and headed over to Compton Street to The Stock Pot.
I had a really nice evening just chatting about this, that, and everything under the sun. It's always ncie to realise that you have things in common and get along with people that you've only vaguely known/seen before.
We rounded the evening off nicely at The Cro Bar, although it was possibly a tad too hot and lacking air conditioning for my liking!
I do enjoy London.