June 23rd, 2005

Old Friend

Off to Glastonbury.....

Righty-ho then, I'm just finishing off my packing and then in just over 30 minutes Dom and Elaine should be turning up, picking me up, and whisking me off to Glastonbury for a few days of musical madness!

The weather is still incredibly warm although a few showers are predicted on Friday and Saturday, which should be incredibly welcome by then. I have tent, clothes, digicamera, water and bog rolls and I think I've covered everything else so shouldn't be caught short (I hope!). I even went and brought a load more tent pegs yesterday as that is one of the favoured currencies at Glastonbury! :p

Anyway, I'd better stop writing and finish off packing. I hope everyone has a brill weekend and I look forward to 'attempting' to catch up with peoples LJs when I return on Monday.

I do have my mobile on me if people need me, although it will be switched off for the vast majority of the time. I'll probably be checking it every 5-6 hours or so.

Hugs to one and all!!!!

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