July 7th, 2005

Angus May 2005

The Day The Bombs Returned to London...

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later and today it seems to have happened.

London of course has been the subject of terrorist attacks all my life. My family and myself have had so many 'close escapes' in the past that I guess we, along with many other Londoners, had grown accustomed to the relatively tranquility that has been the last few years.

My mother and two of my sisters just missed being blown up in the Royal Horseguard attack in the early 80's. My sister and myself avoided the Camden bomb in the 90's be mere minutes and even in quite Finchley we've previously had terrorist assassinations and a few bomb blasts over the years.

Todays attack is awful but it could have been far, far worse. I've had texts off loads of people asking if I'm ok and thankfully I am. The mobile reception is on the blink though as everyone and their dog is trying to use the networks so forgive me if I don't reply.

I've had my family and a number of friends check in and with everyone sounding off their health on LJ I know most of you guys and gals are in one piece which I'm forever thankful.

We'll see how the day progresses but I'm guessing it'll be quieter now. We can certainly expect to see an increase in security, more delays when travelling and a renewed call and support for ID cards now. None of which will of course help because if you really want to blow something up you'll be able to find a way to cause disruption if you have half a brain - and one thing peopel keep forgetting is that terrorist co-ordinators are usually very intelligent and very careful.

The side-effect of todays attacks was with Sarah. She was supposed to be catching the National Express coach from Golders Green to Standstead so she could fly to Amsterdam. With all the tubes out, and then attacks taking place on buses this journey became rather difficult. We ended up having to find a cab company still working/with cabs and drive up there. Luckily the cab turned up on time and the roads going out of London shouldn't be too bad today so hopefully she'll make her flight.

Till later folks....keep safe.
Old Friend

London's Emergency Services

Just like to congratulate London's Emergency Services 9and those from the Home Counties that were also involved today). Years of experience combined with good planning and terrorist attack exercise training certainly seems to have paid off. From everything I've heard, and seen, the response to this mornings attacks has been enacted pretty much flawlessly.

Much respect to the boys and girls involved.

On another note. Those wishing they could help could probably do worse than to contact their local blood donors about giving blood. I suspect stocks are runnign a bit low on the ground after today.