July 8th, 2005

Old Friend

B-Movie - TONITE!

It's that second Friday of the month feeling I'm getting used to and longing to come round again as soon as it's over.

Yes folks, tonight is B-MOVIE night at The Water Rats in Kings Cross!!!! The theme? Well this month it's "TANK GIRL" so I'm certainly looking forward to seeing all the girlies dressed up :D

It sounds like quite a crowd will be coming out to party tonight. Not least because of yesterdays bomb attacks in London (including Kings Cross whose station is still closed atm).

So whose gonna come and play?

Let's PARTY!!!!
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Old Friend

Kings Cross Bombing - A Friends Account

One of my friends, Toos (weaselbitch), who some of you know was actually on the Kings Cross train that was bombed yesterday.

Luckily she came out of it relatively unscathed, barring some serious soot and smoke.

She's written up her account of what happened on her LJ. Those of you interested in reading her first-hand account should take a look at Yesterday My Train Exploded.....
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