July 12th, 2005

Old Friend

Where Londoners Walk the US Military Fear To Tread....

So much for being defiant against terror. Bloody cowards. They're happy to invade a country whose military and people have been knocked down and diminished by over ten years of international sanctions but a few little bombs in their 'special partners' country sends them running to the hills!!!

US Troops Ordered To Avoid London (BBC News Online; Tuesday 12th July 2005)

We should tell them they can take there UK based bases and head back home whilst they're at it. It's not exactly like hardly any of us either SUPPORT their "War" or want their presence (and missiles) on this island!!!*

*US Military and government organisations that is. Generally the US people are more than welcome and friendly.
Old Friend

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George Bush: Friday 8th July: "In this difficult hour, the people of Great Britain can know the American people stand with you"

Sure thing George, actions speak louder than words and all you know!

Camarilla Question

So, White Wolf have caused a bit of a stir by making anyone who wants to charge money for a game (even just to cover costs) join the Camarilla to do so. Plus any players that play more than once have to join the organisation.

Seperate games sure. People don't have to play inside the official chronicle, nor do they have to use the reporting systems, etc.

There are a number of things in the license that have intrigued me quite a bit and have put some cogs into serious gear. Could someone please send me the license agreement and any other related information (or post a link to somewhere I can reda it online). I was involved with the original licenses under both the old Board of Directors and also with the White Wolf Steering Committee when I was the International Development Officer so will probably recognise most of the basics but would like to see the current version anyway.

Many thanks.