July 13th, 2005

Old Friend

Of Telephones.....

I changed provider at home yesterday for both my phone and broadband connection. The result of this is that I currently have neither at home anymore as I have to ring them up for the connection to be made. This would be alright (as its the only number I can currently dial out on) but is thrawted by the fact that I end up on continual hold without being able to talk to anyone living or mechanical.

I was busy thrashing Dom's ass in 'Age of Napoleon' last night so didn't have any time to sit around wasting then but tonight I'm at home and will be hanging on my telephone wiating for someone/thing to pick up and allow back into the 21st century.

My phone is also not accepting incoming calls because of this which is greatly annoying. I have also heard that people using my CURRENT home phone number are being told it doesn't exist so I am REALLY hoping they haven't gone and changed numbers on me....especially as they said that wouldn't happen.....

Anyway, updates as they develope and hopefully I'll actually be able to update this thing from home again one day in the near future.

Have a sunny Wednesday!
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Old Friend

Suicide Bombers were British/Racists Help Cause

Well, no real surprises in the fact that:

a) They were suicide bombers


b) They were British born

It was only a matter of time that we had our first 'suicide bombings' and with the disillusionment amongst many of the British youth, let alone in ethnic minorities, it provides a easy breeding ground for hate and recruitment. Especially when you have people both preaching/brainwashing them on one hand and racist organisations (such as the BNP) and people doing there best to make them miserable on the other. And I do blame racism as an influencing factor in all of this.

In the UK we've seen far-right and right-wing groups gather membership and support in 'white' communities over the last few years. We've seen race riots start hitting certain cities for the first time in ages (Burnley, Oldham, Bradford...) and immigration/asylum seekers becoming a 'hot' political topic which has not been helped by some of the reporting in the tabloid press or the media in general.

When you are faced with abuse (be it verbal or physical) on almost a daily basis it will often push you further away and help the seeds of hate against those abusing you.

If we want to help prevent terrorism in this country we need desperatly to be able to tackle and wipe out racism in all its forms.

We also need to stop giving asylum to extreme fundamentalists who are not even welcome in their own countries who then use Britain to preach hatred against the 'West'. Jeez, if they were at 'home' they would probably face imprisonment or execution but we give them a sanction and they use it to condemn us. My feeling is that extreme fundamentalists should be deported back to their country of origin. Even if they face being met at the airport upon arrival, arrested, and face sentencing appropriate to the countries laws. You can't expect asylum in a country you are continually attacking and raising hatred against. Obviously this is a handful of cases and not anywhere near the vast majority of immigrants that find shelter and employment in the UK or Europe.
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Northern Line targeted?

Apparently it is thought that the bus bomber was supposed to be on a Northern Line train but couldn't board due to the disruption that was already occuring on the Northern Line before the first bombing even occured.

If that was the case then he would have probably been travelling northwards from Kings Cross with Camden Town station the likely traget. It makes sense as you'd then have your North, East, South and West bombings.