July 15th, 2005

Old Friend

Central Heating....

I feel completely shattered today. The heat, combined with the rather active exploits at the Nine Inch Nails gig, have finally made me fall into a slightly headached lethargy.

An alraedy hot and sticky night was made worse by the fact that someone accidently turned our central heating on all night. IN THIS WEATHER!!! I'm not surprised I had a really restless night now :p

I'm working tomorrow so tonight will be a quiet one. Aiming to try the new Indian that opened up on our street with sarah and assorted flatmates if they're around followed by DVD watching.

Money is very tight at the moment so the rest of the weekend will probably be spent at home when I'm not at work. This is good as I have a ton of things to do there. Although a possibility does exist that another friend might pop over tomorrow night to chill :)

Oh, Nine Inch Nails were excellant again last night.