July 17th, 2005

Angus May 2005


I'll probably regret this but I'm now on MSN with my usual email addy.

For those of you who don't have it, here it is (sans spaces of course for those lovely troll engines..:).... angus @ cubicle7. freeserve .co.uk
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Not quite sure what is up today. I'm feeling a bit lost but can't put my finger on anything.

Weather outside: Blue skies and sunny
I am Currently: At work. Inside.

I think I'd rather be down the pub in Camden, having a BBQ/Pool party at a friends house or down the park/wood sitting in the shade of a tree reading a good book today.
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...although I have just discovered we have MSN set up on my computer at work :p

Logged in but working so might not see you ping me if you end up doing so!

Am also having a contradictory food day. Have nice healthy sandwich and freshly squeezed orange juice and then also brought a box of Guylan chocolates for myself... ho hum.

Still, at least I can play my music at work and Sean left a Ravonettes CD for me too! Currently listening to The Music for the first proper time and I like them. Next up is probably Carter USM Greatest Hits collection though or maybe a bit of EBM/Industrial in the shape of Rotersand, Wumpscut or Diary of Dreams.

Oh the choices!
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KMFDM Tour & Other Assorted Gigs

Oh yeah, before I forget, KMFDM are playing London again this year. They will be playing at The Scala on 30th October. Combined with Skinny Puppy (again) in August, the three Nine Inch Nail gigs, Rammstein and seeing Marilyn Manson in August this year is turning out to be quite an industrial collection :D

Other interesting gigs:

Peter Murphy @ The Scala - 19th July

Soft Cell @ Shepherds Bush - 21st July

Jesus Jones @ The Garage - 4th August

Editors @ The Scala - 9th August

Skinny Puppy @ The Astoria - 10th August

Zodiac Mindwarp @ The Underworld - 19th August

Korn @ Brixton Academy - 24th August

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds @ Alexander Palace - 25th August

Within Temptation @ The Astoria - 4th September

Skid Row @ Elecrtic Ballroom - 7th September

Puressence @ Islington Academy - 8th September

Mudhoney @ KOKO - 16th/17th Sepetmber

Fun Lovin' Criminals @ The Forum - 21st September

The Mission @ The Astoria - 24th September

Nightwish @ Hammersmith Apollo - 25th September

Goldfrapp @ Brixton Academy - 6th October

Queen Adreena @ ULU - 11th October

Killing Joke @ The Astoria - 14th October

New Model Army @ The Astoria - 15th October

Garbage @ Hammersmith Apollo - 17th October

Editors @ Mean Fiddler - 10th October

Frankie Goes To Hollywood @ Islington Academy - 25th October (not likely to be going myself but what got me was they are playing Islignton Academy....that's so small!!!!)

Lacina Coil @ The Scala - 26th October

The Delays @ Shepherds Bush Empire - 27th October

KMFDM @ The Scala - 30th October

Jim Bob's Christmas Party @ Islington Academy - 7th December

Levellers @ Shepherds Bush Empire - 16th December

Depeche Mode @ Wembley Arena - 2nd/3rd April 2006

Time for a robbery.....

I think I may have just burnt all my fingerprints off a few of my fingers courtesy of a bloody hot teabag.

I guess I should commit a crime whilst there is no chance of getting ym prints!!!


In other news, am fairly bored.
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