July 19th, 2005

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Dork Tower Perky Goth Plushes!!!

Well, I have something cuddly for all you goths and role-palyers today. We, Leisure Games, have just received our shipment of GILLY -THE PERKY GOTH Plush Dolls, straight from the pages of John Kovalic's masterful Dork Tower comic.

£18.99 (+ postage) whilst stocks last. As far as I know we're the only store in the UK who have imported some so I guess it's a bit of an exclusive at the mo!!!! :p

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(News) Iraq Death Toll Figures and Comparisons

A report released today claims that nearly 25,000 civilians have died in Iraq since the US-led invasion in March 2003. Over a third of these (37%) were killed by Coalition Forces due to bombings, shootings, etc. The rest is largely due to insurgent attacks, suicide bombers and general bomb attacks.

25,000 civilians.

That's the same as the July 7th London bomb attacks taking place over 446 times in the last two years four months (roughly an attack ever two days) or the 9/11 attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon taking place over 8 times.

Saddam Hussein was in power for 25 years (1978 - 2003) and is reported to have killed around 300,000 civilians during his reign. That works out at 12,000 a year. On those figures the US-led Coalition doesn't seem to be doing too badly as they're averaging about 10,714 a year. Ergo, civilians in Iraq are safer since the Coalition toppled Saddam than before. We're actually saving 1,286 people a year! I reckon the people of Iraq must be mighty pleased about that! Of course the report doesn't include the death toll from the Iraqi military or Insurgents - that might tip the balance.

25,000 Civilians Killed In Iraq (BBC News Online; Tuesday 19th July 2005)

2986  - 9/11 (including WTC, Pentagon and four planes)
56 - 7/7 (including three trains and one bus)
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(News) Monkey Pays For Sex

No really, read the article. It's about an economics experiment but it's pretty amusing and just goes to show how similiar we are to our little tree-swinging cousins! (We as in mankind, not my LJ readership whom I'm sure would never EVER consider paying, or being paid, for sex......)

Monkey Business (New York Times Magazine; June 5th 2005)