July 20th, 2005

Old Friend

Scotty Beams Up

I was never a fan of Star Trek but  did watch it as a kid. Scotty was always a favourite so it's sad to hear that James Doohan has died. I also saw the ST:NG episode he was in which was one of the best I saw of those (although admittedly I've probably only seen a handful of the whole show!)

Star Trek's Scotty Dies Aged 85 (BBC News Online; Wednesday 20th July)
Old Friend

The Earth and The Moon....

Mentioned this to a few people earlier today. It's freaky the detail you can get in some locations - and considering the etchnology used in other cameras circulating our little blue planet I wonder how much more defined things actually are!!!

Check out THE EARTH

Whilst you're at it check out THE MOON and zoom in very close. I always thought this was the case...... Someone now owes me a shag........