July 21st, 2005

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More Trouble In London

Reports of more 'incidents' in London are coming through. Warren Street, The Oval and Shepherds Bush Stations .

No casualties reported as yet and very little info.
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Finchley Terror...

Yay! We've just had two police cars rush up outside the bus stop directly outside our shop due to an unattended package there.

Turns out (unsurpisingly) to be someone's bag of washing apparently. I think they're about to leave with the bag and without any controlled explosions.

I guess I don't get to go home ten minutes early tonight!!
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On crap terrorists and over-hyped Media

What is that has changed in the last 10 years???

London has faced bombing campaigns before and we've never, EVER, had this much media fuss about the whole affair. Sure the IRA bombs "usually" made headline news but not always and they certainly didn't get the hyped up attention, press conferences, nervousness and worry that the current spat of bombings (or attempted bombings) are getting.

One of my collegues reckons it's because we have more media channels vying for our attention. News is their business and they want YOU to tune in and find out. The more sensation and paranoia they can breed the more chance it is that YOu will keep yourself glued to the media services.

Personally I think it's partially due to that and also partially due to the government WANTING us to be worried about those nasty terrorists. Fear works well in keeping the population docile and for people being less concerned about their freedoms and rights being taken away. Just look at what's been happening elsewhere in the world for evidence of this.

The bombings we're having at the moment are nothing compared to the campaigns we've faced in the past. But the media just keeps going on about it. An IRA attack would have made the news headlines, it wouldn't have hi-jacked every media outlet for the rest of the day!!!

These media reports are just going to make people more terrified whereas if we just had down to earth news report (bomb attack/bomb failed/blah blah blah) people would be a lot less scared about getting on the tube and going about their daily lives. At present most people I know aren't bothered, but then again most of my friends look beyond the media reports. I have overheard people in cafe's, etc, who are worried, who are looking at certain cultures/races with more suspicion and a degree of hate/fear. This is due to the MEDIA not the actual TERRORISM.

Now if/when terrorism takes on a different form (dirty bombs/biological attacks, etc) then it will start to deserve the attention the worlds media is giving it. At present it should be confined to the sensibilities of reporting that we had during the 30+ years of bombing campaigns we've had in my lifetime so far.

Until then attcks like today deserve to get the derision they deserve. Today attacks were either a complete and utter farce on the terrorists part (none of the explosions working, running around afterwards with wires protruding from their hoods, etc) or they were set-up by a mole/informer within their network (possibly the actual bomb-maker) for the police to catch a few of them red-handed and alive. Afterall the London tube this morning was having a larger number of shut-downs than usual and one theory is that the police knew todays attacks were going to happen, just not when.
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Late Night Feeding At The Zoo....

Hmmm..... it's after 10.30 and I still haven't had dinner yet. Damn. I hate late night cooking but have no Cocopops (a craving I'm now blaming zenmeisterin for...damn her...)

I also seem to have torn up my lower leg a little. Teach me to scratch I guess. Should cut nails.....

Ah, dammit, I'm going to give in to the temptation for food. Home made hamburgers with herbs, bacon, letuce, cucumber and tomato in a sesame seed bun it is then! With a splash of mayo of course!!!

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