July 22nd, 2005

Angus May 2005

(Keystone Jihad) Conspiracy Theory

So, we've had an attempted attack that was thwarted by security services in Stockwell when they shot the bomber on the train and another arrest on a train in Kennington (news just filtering through) so far this morning.

This follows the four failed attempts yesterday.

I have the feeling that the security forces have been getting some very good information through (being on two trains that had bombers/suspects for instance) and maybe some inside help (bombs not going off due to failed detonators) as well as a heightened awareness yesterday before the bomb attempts in the first place.

I also loved the !Keystone Jihad" comments I saw on a friends journal.

Good name for the ineptness of yesterdays attempts anyway!
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(Keystone Jihad) Options

Sorry, but I found this quite amusing from davywavy

You are a failed suicide bomber. Which of the following options appeals to you most?

"Executing criminals may make the State into a murderer, but keeping criminals in prison turns the State into a gay brothel-keeper."

He's running a discussion and poll on his LJ if you want to join in.
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(Keystone Jihad) Financial Backing....

In true Illuminati style..... I reckon that the mobile phone companies (O2, Orange, Three, etc) are secretly financing the current terror alerts and strikes on London.


They must be making a mint out of all the phone calls people are making to everyone in their address books checking in with friends and family....