July 23rd, 2005

Old Friend

(Film Trailers) the Devil's Rejects, Serenity, V For Vendetta

Hmmm..... you can tell I have broadband back up and running again because I've just spent the last half hour browsing movie trailers whilst trying to get my alcohol-inspired headache to leave town.

First off is one for daver2323 - The return of the knock knock joke..... The Devil's Rejects  is the sequel to Rob Zombie's "House of  1000 Corpses".

A new Serenity Tralier has been released. It's got a few extra bits in that I hadn't seen before and I still can't wait until this one finally comes out here in the UK!

With creator Alan Moore (From Hell; Extraordinary League of Gentlemen; Watchmen) already slamming the project (although he has done so with every film based upon his work) and also vowing never to work with DC Comics again over it, V For Vendetta has already caused quite a stir. With this in mind most fans of the graphic novel are probably quite worried. Should they be? Well, take a look at the trailer and see what you think. Personally I like what I've seen so far and it has some very relevant lines in the trailer to todays governments. I'm not sure how the film will be generally accepted though with recent events in mind...

"Fear became the ultimate tool of this government."
"People should not be afraid of their governments, Governments should be afraid of their people"
Filler Bunny

(Meme) Comedy Store...

I realised as I was doing this that I haven't done a meme for ages. I guess it's partially because only having access to the internet at work for a while made me very picky but I think it's more due to not really seeing any memes I liked (to be honest there seems to have actually been less memesdoing the rounds anyway!).

Anyway, I'm now reversing my trend....

the Cutting Edge
(52% dark, 52% spontaneous, 38% vulgar)
your humor style:

Your humor's mostly innocent and off-the-cuff, but somehow there's
something slightly menacing about you. Part of your humor is making
people a little uncomfortable, even if the things you say aren't in and
of themselves confrontational. You probably have a very dry delivery,
or are seriously over-the-top. Your type is the most likely to
appreciate a good insult and/or broken bone and/or very very fat person

PEOPLE LIKE YOU: David Letterman - John Belushi

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 54% on dark
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You scored higher than 72% on spontaneous
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