July 26th, 2005

Angus May 2005

Missing Vegas

I really never thought I'd say this but tonight I've been really missing Las Vegas. On the whole I think I'm missing all my friends whom I really only get to see when I'm in Vegas at the GTS.

Roll on March 2006 I guess!

God knows what I'm going to do in 2007 though as apart from GTS it looks like another Games Expo is taking place the following week in Vegas! Hmm... two weeks working in Vegas might be pushing it a bit. Although I think I'd have a mighty load of fun if everyone else stays too!!!!

Mind you it'd kill my liver and lungs.
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Bauhaus Reform for new album and World Tour

I'm one of the lucky ones that actually aught Bauhaus live in concert. Admittedly only a few years ago when they did a limited 'reunion' tour and not first time round at their height.

Anyway, Pete Murphy has said "I've actually been working on reforming the band for the last year. It's come to the point now what we are going to tour here in the winter and do a world tour and an album."

This will be the first new Bauhaus since 1983! Sort of excited over here in N3 at the moment :D

Thanks to mickmercer for the heads up and the BBC for a very brief article
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Old Friend

Dave Allsop Nominated for Award!

The multi-talented daver2323 has been nominated for an award!!!

About time too, if i do say so myself. Which I do. Good luck Dave!

ASFA Chesley Awards Ballot

This is the official ballot for the 20th annual ASFA awards, the Chesleys. The Chesley, named for the great astronomical artist, Chesley Bonestell, started in 1985 as a means for the SF and Fantasy art community to recognize individual works and achievements during a given year. This year's awards are for works and achievements in the period from January 1 to December 31, 2004.

Art works and achievements by non-ASFA members are eligible for the Chesley awards, but you must be a regular, life, or associate ASFA member to vote. Vote for only one nominee in each category.
We have done our best to provide links to view the works; however at the time of publication, not all were easily accessible on the web. Please check the asfa-art.org sites for updates.

Best Gaming Related Illustration
* Dave Allsop for Boneclaw interior for Monster Manual III, a D&D accessory (WotC, September 2004)

* Ed Cox for Sea Kin Haggling interior for Races of Destiny, a D&D Race Series accessory (WoTC, December 2004)

* Les Edwards cover for Creature of Havoc, a Fighting Fantasy game book (I Books, '04)

* William O'Connor for Training a Dire Badger interior for Races of Stone, a D&D Race Series accessory (WoTC, August 2004)

* Mark Zug cover for Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed, a Variant players handbook (Malhavoc Press)

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