July 29th, 2005

Angus May 2005

Yes Prime Minister....

Ok, so many of you may feel that Anthony Head in Little Britain is a very cute Prime Minister. Be that as it may but he is still only a FICTIONAL Prime Minister.

Ukraine's Prime Minister, however, is very cute for a Prime Minister. I only found out what she looked like because of an assassination plot against her I've just been reading about (on a Russian news website of all places) but I present to you Yulia Tymoshenko.....


And just think, we got Margaret Thatcher!!!!!
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Russian RPG News

Whilst browsing aforemention Moscow news site I came across a few articles on Live Role-Playing which some of you may be interested in.

Russian Tolkien Fans Stage Role-Playing Battles (Mosnews.com; 30th June 2005) - well, only tentively to do with Tolkein....

Russian Tolkien Fan In Court After Killing Role-Play Opponent (Mosnews.com; 22nd June 2005) - and they were using PLASTIC swords...duh!

Elves and Hobbits in Russian Woods (Mosnews.com; 19th May 2005) - It really disturbs me that people will write such things as 'Hobbit' and 'Elf' as their ethnicity on National Census forms. The same way as choosing 'Jedi' as a religion in the UK a little while ago.....
Angus May 2005

Cute Customers (Part xxx)

WOW. I'm in lust.

Just had a *really* cute girl in buying up some wargame scenery and paints. When she came to the counter to pay her credit card had Dr in the title so I asked (as you do) what she was a Doctor in (I was thinking archeology at this stage). It turns out she is a doctor of chemicular physics! Cute and brainy.

Shame I probably won't ever see her again though :(
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Last Friday Post (possibly....)

Right, gearing down at work now. Into the last 25 minutes (yay!) and then I'll be out of here. Quick pitstop home for a shower and a snack and then I'm off out to go and see 'Charlie & The Chocolate Factory' and then (probably) some drinkage.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday evening, and weekend, if I don't get a chance to chat to you before Monday.

Take care peeps!!!!

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DOOM: The Movie

Ok, already! I know I said I wouldn't post anymore today but I've landed an extra hour to get ready in AND just found the trailer for DOOM: The Movie which I thought I'd share with you guys!

Hope you like it! I'm off for a nice bath :p