July 31st, 2005

Angus May 2005


Had a really nice day yesterday celebrating Dom's birthday. I went over to Mr and mrsdominic's house at midday and spent a little while chatting away before Dom and myself decided to pull out the copy of 'Civilization' we had arranged to play that afternoon and run through a few turns before everyone else turned up to make sure we remembered/knew the rules.

Now Civilization is one of my favourite games. I sadly don't get to play it all that often, mainly due to the length of time it takes (it's one of the longest games I know and we've had games last a good 6-10 hours before :p). I also usually play with 6 or 7 players but yesterdays gathering was with four. Dom, inskauldrak and Ronnie. The game itself was once again great fun with many advancements, population expansions, natural disasters and a few little skirmishes thrown into the mix. I decided to tackle life as Crete and was fairly pleased with the results. Considering I had a little island and couldn't expand until I built a ship it didn't pan out too badly for me. I managed to start populating a few different areas along the rim of the Mediterranean without too much conflict. In fact I think the only person I ended up really fighting throughout the game was the birthday boy himself :p

Anyway, after the game mrsdominic cooked us all a nice meal and joined us with Eleanor for feasting and then much chatting until hometime. Great fun. I think we're oragnising another days outting for Civilization too as all four of us enjoyed it and seem to have caught the bug again!
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Old Friend

Loosing Friends.......

pond823 and daver2323 won't like me anymore.

I just brought a Green Day CD (American Idiot) and actually think it's pretty good. Sorry guys.

But 'Holiday' reminded me so much of The Levellers, and I quite liked a couple of other tracks I'd heard from it so took the plunge.

So, I might be needing some new friends after that revelation!!!
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Jesus Jones

Would anybody else be up for a bit of Indy Retro by coming along to the Jesus Jones gig this Thursday (4th August) at The Garage?

I never caught them 'back in the day' and quite fancy it. It's a bit pricey for the Garage (about £15 I think) but I could be persuaded if there are others intending to go....
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White Dwarf: Enemy of the State

I decided to take a couple of hours out of my hectic schedule of 'not seeming to get anything done but still being incredibly busy with no free time' (tm) when I got home from work today.

So I picked up a Korma on the way home and munched away on that whilst finally watching one of the DVDs I picked up aeons ago.

Tonights offering? Well, I actually choose "Enemy of the State" which stars Will Smith, Gene Hickman and Jon Voight (it also has appearences from Seth Green, Jack Black and Gabriel Byrne) and is a high-tech conspiracy thriller revolving around the murder of a Senator oppossed to a new bill allowing governmental invasion of a citizens privacy.

Anyway, the film was alright but nothing particulary special to write home about but that's not actually the reason of the post. It's quite sad that the main reason for me taking the time to write this is because right at the end when Will Smith is reunited with his wife and son they're watching telly whilst the kid is reading a magazine. So what? I hear you ask. Well, for the gamers amongst you the magazine is actually a copy of White Dwarf. I thought I recognised the Games Day logo on one of the pages and sure enough, in freeze frame, it's a Golden Demon awards page!!!

Yes. I'm sad. I'm now just going to bury myself in some more emails and listen away to the fantastic Gorillaz 'Demon days' CD.

Ta ta!
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New LJ User Pic

Just made myself a Junk Baby LJ User Pic.

Hope you like it!!!

Won't replace my old faithful 'Southern Comfort' bottle as the default image but will probably get quite a bit of airing I'd imagine as it's such a great piece of art. I'll have to get round to doing some more of the Junk Baby pictures as LJ images and also finally get a site up and running for Junk Babies, SLA, Frankenstein Factory and Cubicle 7 in general.

Anyway, hope you like the piccy. It's another one of daver2323 pieces of work. The man is just too talented for his own good. I think I may have to go up to Glasgow and mug him for some!
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The Tenth Planet Revealed.....

I don't know how true or not it is, but I've heard thanks to lulucthulhu that the newly discovered 10th planet is going to be called 'XENA'  according to The Independent this morning!!!??

Well, whatever it ends up being called (Yuggoth please!!) here is a NASA artists impression of our most recently discovered outer planet!


The image is clickable through to the NASA page if you're interested in taking it as a wallpaper for your computer btw. Helpful this evening aren't I!  :D