August 6th, 2005

Filler Bunny

(Meme) 70's Icons....

Well, they got the shades, the black dress sense, the sttitude and sensitivity and the poet all right. But sometimes I come off as am asshold?!?!

Yeah, ok, I'll accept that too :p

lou reed
You're Lou Reed.
God, you are cool, can I touch you so the magic
will rub off?
You are perceptive, witty, and badass. You wear
cool shades, even at night, and probably wear
black more than most people. You don't give a
fuck what other people think, but you are also
very sensitive in the way that you pick up on
things that others don't. Sometimes you come
off as an asshole, but that's what makes you
cool. You are a poet, and you embody New York
City. You will still be hip when you are old,
and artists love you.

Which rad old school 70's glam icon are you? (with pics)
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Old Friend

Friday night

It's 12.30am. Am knackered but still have work to do on the PC and not sure if I could sleep at the mo anyway. Enough mucking about on LJ though. Quick ciggy outside and then back into some writing.

Sleep tight folks 'or' carry on enjoying your nightclubbing antics for those of you lucky enough to have a combination of lives/money and have headed out to the city of lights and rock n' roll this Friday night!
Old Friend

English Football League Kick-Off

Well, the English Football Season kicks off again today and both of my favourite two clubs are in action in brand new leagues.

Barnet play their first League 2 Game since 2001 against Bristol Rovers this afternoon after walking away with the Conference title last season. Hopes are high that the team will do well again this season with even a couple of pundits having predicted they could win League 2 for automatic promotion to League 1 next season. My hopes? Whilst automatic promotion would be lovely I'd be more than happy with a high placed finished and maybe getting into the Play-Offs.

Norwich are also back in action in The Championship after being relegated on the last day of the Premiership Season a few months ago. They are hotly tipped to win The Championship and get auto promotion back up amongst the big boys. I'm really hoping they will but The Championship has probably the strongest selection of teams ever within its ranks so it'll be a hard journey. In either case Norwich's journey starts this afternoon against Coventry.

Wonder how I'll be feeling in May 2006?

RIP: Robin Cook

I was shocked to hear that Robin Cook died this evening. I saw a news flash saying he'd been taken serious ill earlier in the day but to actually learn of his death was a jolt.

I may not be a fan of Labour but Robin Cook was one of the best, and most honest, MPs in Parliament. He was a man that I respected very much - not least in his commitment to stand by his beliefs and actually quit the Front Bench because of his opposition and disagreement about the governments reasons for going to war in Iraq.

He will be incredibly sorely missed.