August 10th, 2005

Old Friend



Off to see Skinny Puppy at The Astoria in a little bit!!! They came third in my 2004 Top Ten Gigs of The Year but it was a dfficuly choice between them and Diary for Dreams for 2nd/3rd slot. In any case I am really looking forward to seeing them again and seeing where they'll fall in the 2005 rankings by the end of December!

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Skinny Puppy Aftershock

Skinny Puppy are BAD. In capitals.

I haven't drunk, smoked and danced as much since the PWEI gig at the beginning of the year.

Those naughty Canadian boys have also caused a slight case of deafness (which will hopefully be gone when I wake tomorrow...) and the desire just to sink underneath my duvet instead of trying to write. I was really keen on doing an update on tragic_london (the shock) but I really shouldn't allow myself unlimited and unmoderated access to any email list or LJ account at the moment :p Plus I can't currently remember tragic_london's password to log in!!! :p

Donya and James are also BAD people. Sarah is to a lesser extent. Just to show I do have some LJ friends who go out I also saw djpsyche, emptyjohn and chris_damage at the gig and kardrath on the tube heading for drinks earlier.

I am deaf but I've had a brilliant night thanks to BAD poeple.

Catch you all tomorrow if I wake!
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