August 11th, 2005

Old Friend

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Could feel better this morning but I have a feeling it was all self-induced so won't complain too loudly about it.

I have, however, now finished Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince so people can now talk about it in my presence and I might even go back and read some of my Flist's views on the book that they wrote last month (all seemingly either having much more free time to indulge in books or/and being faster readers than I).

I enjoyed it. Especially towards the end. Looking forward to the final book now, anyone know roughly when that might see the light of day? 2007? 2008?

Anyway, I'm heading briefly into London today to pick up a couple of things needed for various birthday presents and then back home to do some work. *Might* go and see The Island laster but then again might hold off until the weekend/next week. I'll see how keen I am on working when I return :p

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The London trip isn't happening today. Neither is the trip to see The Island. Skinny Puppy obviously took more out of me than I realised.

Am staying home and going to try and do some writing instead whilst listening to various CDs from piles rarely visited.

I'll do both my planned trips on Saturday and co-incide it with some birthday pressie shopping for Sarah who can join me then too.

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Friends Map

I saw this on d_floorlandmine's LJ and thought it was really cool. I know my Freinds Map has left a few people off though as karkehan lives in New Zealand and doesn't appear! - but then if people don't list there towns or countries info will not appear!

Anyway, welcome to my Friends Map - a zoon-in-able global map of where my friends live!!!
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Old Friend

Eastern European Conflict

So, who else reckons we could see a little outbreak of conflict between Russia and Poland in the next few years. Either over Belarus or some other cause which deteriorates there relationship even further than it's fall this year?

I've been keeping an eye on the developments there and it does sound distrubing. Especially as there have been upsurges of anti-Polish/Russian activities in the respective countries and with the mugging of a Russian diplomats kids in Poland by 15-anti-Russian Polish youths and now two attacks on Polish diplomats in Moscow that have left both hospitalised things don't seem to be on the mend.

Any conflict would be even more interesting as Poland is now part of the EU and NATO whereas Russia is not.
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Old Friend

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It is way, way, WAY too hot in my bedroom. I've no idea why but it seems 10 degrees hotter than anywhere else in the house. The central heating is most definetly switched off and I have windows open. Although that's doing no good because there is no bloody breeze.


Luckily I have a stash of choc ices in the fridge but I've run out of all liquids apart from a few drops of fresh orange and then it's onto tap water :(

Please can we have cool nights? Or at least a breeze to cool my room down. PLEASE for the LOVe of ME!!!!!???
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