August 16th, 2005

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Can anyone suggest some very good books on gangs and gang warfare/practices?

I'm particularly interested in South/Central American gangs and also those operating in the States. Although saying that any good factual book on gangs anywhere would be useful.

Info needed for a future project and all suggestions gratefully received.

Many thanks!
Angus May 2005

(New Community) Cthulhu Connect

For all Cthulhu fans.... go and check out new LJ community cthulhu_connect

This community charts the relationship between real word events, from reliable news sources, and the cthulhu mythos of H.P. Lovecraft and others.

Some of the content may seem tasteless but we are not belittling tragedy. If you feel that reading that pacific mega death was actually not caused by earthquake induced Tsunamis, but vast and alien god-worms searching the deepest oceans for a fallen meteor, then turn away now.

Everyone is welcome to join in the madness, as long as they fully understand we made this stuff up. It’s fantasy.

When you do post a connection, please link to a real world news source and do not cut and past its content. You can be as specific as you like – “It was Ghouls that did it.” but subtly and hints are probably more fun and enjoyable to read.

Ultimately, cthulhu_connect is a place to spin tales and maybe pick up ideas if you roleplaying.
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Drawn Together

Drawn Together

I wrote a really long and detailed post about Drawn together and my current fascination about it. I then promptly screwed up and deleted it. Thus no long post. I'll just say brilliant cartoon and those who have not seen it should track it down. Good adult fun. Basic premise - eight cartoon characters thrown together into a 'Big Brother' house. Winner gets $1,000,000. This one is certainly not for kids....or atleast those under 16! :p

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