August 19th, 2005


RIP: Mo Mowlam

Mo Mowlam, former Labour MP and Northern Ireland Secretary, has died.

She was another one of the few MPs that I had a lot of respect for. Not
only was she good, and honest, in her various jobs in Parliament but
she was a very down to Earth and funny person.

The Labour party has now lost two of it's best leading lights in recent weeks,
with the recent death of Robin Cook, but I hope both people shine as an
example for others not only in Labour but in other parties too. Mo's
presence, like Robins, will be greatly missed.
Former Minister Mo Mowlam Dies (BBC News Online; Friday 19th August 2005)
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That Friday Feeling?

Woke up feeling shit today. Bad, bad headache (have taken pills and loads of water) :(

I've been a bit iffy all week but I had time off then. Supposed to be back at work today for a stretch that covers the weekend and into next week. Already rung in and am *hoping* the other guys turn up on time and can cope, at least for a few hours.

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Creative Dreaming

Once in a while I'll have a dream that reveals something to me. I learnt the basics of driving a car in a dream once (what the pedals do, how to use the gear stick and clutch, etc....). I've also dreamt up solutions to problems before now as well as ideas/mechanics for games.

Well, last nights dream had me playing a very good superhero adventure card game. I was exploring the mechanics of it and had a lot of fun with it. Luckily enough I remember most of it when I woke up this morning and have managed to jot down the basics already. It looks like a sound concept and system even in the harsh light (or murky grey cloud infested sky) of day. Shall play around with it some more...

I also had a dream where I was attending a gamers/sci-fi convention that was actually held in the future. Think lots of neon lights, chrome and flying cars :) Most of my dream was actually sent in a night-club/bar (typical convention for me then!) chatting to various convention attendees from all over the world (Brazil, Holland, Ireland, etc) and having a great time. I was also very fond of a little Irish girl who did actually remind me of someone (ho hum..). Anyway, woke up feeling like I'd had a wonderful night out (maybe that explains my headache???)
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City of Heroes & Chocolate

I'm trying to fight the urge (again - for some reason it just keeps reappearing...) to start playing City of Heroes. This has been an on-and-off urge for about 12-18 months now and I seem to be loosing to it at the mo. So my question is....who amongst you lot plays it and what servers are you on? I think I'll probably end up giving in to it next month when I get paid. Not like I have anything else to do is it (sighs).

My headache is almost gone too thanks to those lovely little Anadin pills. It has been replaced with an overwhelming urge for chocolate.

I think I'll pick up some en route to work in about 30 mins after the cleaner has arrived.

The Inner Chocolate Beast must be sated!!!!
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'That' Meme

God it's getting around isn't it. If you think it's bad on yours Friends page just check out your 'FriendsFriends' page!!!!

At least I've appeared in a few of them now though. I was beginning to feel very unloved :(

Oh, am now at work. Headache is alot better although neck/back ache is still irritating.

Anyway, need food AND that chocolate attack I spoke about earlier....
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Heavy Metal Priests

This story is not repeated here because of Marilyn Manson causing controversy in Croatia, or the fact that many of the Croatian Priests have condemned him. It's repeated beacuse I was amused that one of the Priests who has come out to DEFEND Manson is actually the lead singer of his own heavy metal band - Messengers of Hope. The idea of a cleric bouncing around on stage made me smile....

Croat Priest Stands Up For Manson (BBC News Online; Wednesday 17th August 2005)
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Attn: Edinburgh People!!!!

I have a horrible feeling that most of my Edinburgh readers have high-tailed it off to the States for GenCon but I'm hoping a few of you have been left behind.

Years ago I brought about 1000 blank playing cards mail order from a specialist playing card shop on Princess Street in Edinburgh. Unfortunately I can't remember it's name nor find it through Google by typing in the usual suspects (Edinburgh Princess Street Shop Playing Cards...).

I was wondering if any of you knew the shop and could either tell me it's name or even better a contact telephone number?

Much gratitude will be given in thanks!

Cheers, Angus
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