August 21st, 2005

Angus May 2005

Sunday Musings - Work, Global Domination and Dead Musicians

Had a very bad nights sleep. Had to get up in the middle of the night to take some pills to try and numb my head enough so I could catch a few zzz's before the dawn chorus broke. It semi-worked, although I was up and showered by 9 still (on I Sunday!!!!).

Mind you I still somehow managed to squeeze in another 'entrepeneur' dream but I have to wait until people start returning from GenCon Indy before I can start following it up by email.

Anyway, I am back in work already - getting ready for the deluge of Sunday paperwork and general catch-up that I do in the peace of a closed office sans interruptions of staff, shoppers or phone calls. I usually manage to get loads done and I'm hoping my headache stays in the little cave it seems to have retreated to for the last couple of hours for a good few more!

Then it's back home to continue the plan for global domination.....(cue evil laughter....)

(Also for some reason I've turned very classical this morning - four of the CDs I brought to work are double CD sets of various symphonies and concerto's - admittedly the others are Fields of the Nephilim and Puressence, but still I guess I'm looking for the mellower sounds today :p)
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Old Friend

Gay Batman, Massacre of Heroes and Online Muggings....

Moi? Amused :p

Gallery told to drop 'Gay' Batman (BBC News Online; Friday 19th August 2005)

Also a couple of on-line gaming stories. The second is from a few years ago but I'd never come across it before and thought it was quite amusing and worth linking in to. Apparently it's the first occurence of online mass murder.....

Student Held Over 'Online' Mugging (BBC News Online; Saturday 20th August 2005)

Hackers Kill Off Heroes (BBC News Online; Wednesday 3rd Januray 2001)
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Drawn Together

I've gone Bling!!!!

My life seems to have gone very bleep-bingy. Guess I shouldn't be playing darkwave/ebm/what ever they call it this week compilations then.

Anyway, still not feeling 100%. Am going to have to cancel tomorrows gaming because a) don't feel well enough to run anything and b) haven't felt well eenough to prepare it anyway.

This sucks as it's been my fault we've delayed kicking the game off for the last couple of sessions. Mind you it gives me more time to both organise the game and also talk to a few of the other guys and gals who've contacted me wanting to join in.

Apart from that not much to update. Watched an early episode of Drawn Together on telly, the one where Xandir realises he's gay. Not the best of episodes but still pretty amusing.

Also looks probably that I will be going to Poland at somepoint in the next two months. Either that or Russia. I'm rooting for Poland atm as I know someone there but I'm waiting to see if/when they're free. I've never been to either country before, nor actually any former Eastern Bloc country so am looking forward to it. Third possibility is Copenhagen.
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