August 25th, 2005

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Playtesters Required - Frankenstein Factory


Hi folks,

Frankenstein Factory is a small role-playing game very much in the 'New Style' mold made popular by games such as De Profundis, Baron Munchausen and Puppetland. Indeed it was originally written and published by the Portal in Poland, the company also responsible for De Profundis.

Cubicle 7 has the English translation rights and will be releasing the game in a few months time. Before we do so however I'd like to run it through a final round of playtesting just to make sure people don't have any problems/queries with the rules. We have the final edited manuscript available (sans pretty pictures I'm afraid) and I'm looking for a few brave souls who would be willing to have a read through and, hopefully, run a game or two in the next few weeks.

Anyone who supplies constructive feedback or runs playtests groups will be credited in the 'Thanks' and 'English Playtesting' credits in the finished product. The English version is based upon the original Polish but has been expanded slightly in certain areas.

If you are interested in helping with this please contact me off-site on angus at cubicle7. freeserve.

Many thanks,

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Cubicle 7

Frankenstein Factory - Overview

Frankenstein Factory

What follows is the first couple of pages of Frankenstein Factory to serve as a taster of the game itself for those who expressed an interest to know more. Playtest copies are about to be sent out to those who have already emailed me. I hope you all like it!


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