August 29th, 2005

Drawn Together

Family Fun

Decided to take today off and just chill, this means I'm working tomorrow (a Bank Holiday here in the UK) but I don't mind as I needed a day just relaxing with family and friends.

I wacthed 'Ali G Indahouse' last night with Sarah, Louisa and Jade and must admit I found it very funny and was very glad to have finally seen it. Laughed lots and combined with watching some dreadful auditions on X-Factor and general chit-chat with the girls it was a very pleasent evening. Sarah and I also finished off Angel Season 1 and got through the first two tapes of Season 2 earlier today. It's fun rewatching them, eespecially as Sarah has never really seen any Angel episodes so hasn't got a clue what's coming up :p

This evening I headed over to my Mums for a nice home-cooked roast beef with Yorkshire Pudding and all the trimmings. I enjoy being spoilt by 'mothers cooking'. Nothing seems to come close on the roast front!

Afterwards I initiated two of sisters into the joys of 'Ticket to Ride' which they loved. We ended up playing two games and would have played a third had I not persuaded them to try Niagara which I'd also packed. My mother joined us for Niagara which everyone also enjoyed. Ticket to Ride was the definite favourite though and I've been instructed to bring it along on my next visit in three weeks time when my other sister and at least one of the 'other halfs' will be there to join in. Between these two 'Game of the Year' Winners Ticket to Ride is most definetly the better game and one with the most repeat play value. Niagara is good fun for a quick filler but I think it'll only ever be an occasional game - and then one which will slowly fade to the back of the cupboard. Not the best 'Game of the Year' winner and certainly not up to the calibre of classic winners such as Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride!