September 9th, 2005

Drawn Together


Just spotted a new game coming out later this year which White Wolf will be sourcing which really got me excited. It's by a company called Malladin's Gate Press, which up to now has been a PDF only enterprise.

Here's the blurb:
In 1876, Harold Wallace discovered something that changed the world: Etherspace.

Now, Etherspace serves as a new frontier of discovery, as Punk Scape riders fight evil industrialists, occult investigators war against Etherscape demons, Mysterious System agents lurk in the shadows, and treasure-hunters raid Lemurian ruins for last secrets. Jack in, scope up, and get ready, because the options for Etherscope adventures in a land of intrigue, industry, and imperialism are endless! Etherscope is a Victorian-themed world with a rich cyberpunk overtown.

Then three letters ruined it for me - OGL.

Damnit. Will probably still pick up a copy though to see if the ideas and background are any good.
Old Friend

Onwards, To Paris......

Right, this is probably my last post for a few days. I'm up bright and earlier tomorrow to catch Eurostar to Paris. Then I have Friday poodling around checking out my favourite stores and resisting the urge to buy too many books. Then I should be meeting up with Dave and Jared in the evening for a drink and some food.

Saturday sees the ever wonderful Delphine enter the picture and we'll then meet up with Dave for a 'Housemates Reunited' photo-op and general catch-up. Weather in Paris is supposed to be sunny on Friday and Sunday but very wet on Saturday. Thus we'll probably spend most of the day catching up in a nice cafe somewhere :p

Sunday I'll be meeting up once more with Dave and Jared before jumping that train and heading back to London. My psychic talent is then predicting an evening in front of the computer catching up on emails received whilst I was away combined with playing catch-up as my current in-tray isn;t all that empty to start with!

I hope all you groovy chicks and handsome guys have a fantastic weekend and to catch up with you all upon my return!