September 13th, 2005

South Park

Calling London WoD Players!

Hi folks,

I've been contacted by someone whose recently moved into South London and is looking for a RPG group south of the river. His preference is for the White Wolf 'World of Darkness' games - I'm guessing old or new worlds would do, especially Vampire. He is also possibly interested in the LARP game which he has done a little of in the past.

Anyway, if any of you know of groups down south, or are part of an existing group, please can you let me know and I'll pass on the details. Also can I confirm who is DC and DST of the London and Southwark games at present? Do we have an over-riding Uber London DST who overseas all the London games and genres?

Thanks for any and all help,

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Drawn Together

Games Day

Yay! Have finally been invited up to Games Day at the Birmingham NEC in a couple of weeks time. Games Day is a very large hobby event organised by Games Workshop and is the Mecca for the washed and unwashed hordes of Workshop fans - novices and veterans alike.

It's been a convention that has always interested me. Mainly because of the organisational ability behind it. It has a very strong reputation for being very well organised and puts many other conventions to shame.

I decided I should go and see this for my self first hand. A secondary reason is meeting with some old friends who work at Workshop or it's subsidaries and for the general networking and information gathering activities that Angus' usually switch to at such events. No doubt I'll also be oogling a vast array of very nice figures and dioramas whilst I'm there.

I think I'll leave my cheque book and cards at home. Actually the state they're in at the moment they wouldn't be much use to me in any case! :p

Have any of you guys been to Games Day before? Are any of you going this year?
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Old Friend

When a good book calls......

On one hand I have a stack of work to do. On the other hand I'm "working from home" all day tomorrow and a lot of the work actually overlaps between the two types (Cubicle 7 and Leisure Games).

On one hand I only had about 4 hours sleep last night. But on the other I've been wide awake all day and am still not feeling sleepy atm.

I should get on with some work but instead I think I'm actually going to call it a night and hit the sack to read. This is largely prompted by the fact that I have a really good book on the go. River of Gods by Ian mcDonald. It's a sci-fi/cyberpunky affair set in India in 2047 and has nine central characters which the chapters are alternating around and pairing up with. It's very well written and has loads of really good ideas.

Hmmm.... yep, I think I've sold myself into the 'go to bed and read' option. Who knows I may even manage more than four hours of sleep and wake up bright and early tomorrow for a full day of work before heading off to the Fischersponner gig with Lil' Mel in the evening.

Oh, and in other news there have been a ton of developments in the last 24 hours. All of these good and all resulting in me being very busy for quite a while with hopefully some pretty postive payback down the line.

But I put aside my workholic-dom for a while and sink down with a really good book.

Might catch you later if I can't sleep. If not it'll be in the morrow. Take care fine folk!

Er, yeah, still here.....

Please note, kind reader, how I am still on this damn contraption and not tucked up in bed reading the glorious fiction of Mr McDonald as I said I would be.

Well enough I say. ENOUGH! I depart now acrss the couple of meters that sperate me and my pillows to rest my (now) aching head and see how many chapters I can process this evening.

Good night fair maidens, good night brave men, good night even to those of you of dubious sex.
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