September 14th, 2005

Old Friend

Working from home, Fischerspooner, The Dead 60's and Time Enhancement

Working from home today which is nice. It's a lot quieter and I get a lot more done due to the uninterrupted workflow. Still, I'm not sure how much I'll actually manage to get done today as I've given myself a ton of work to do here with some very major updating of our print catalog and also lots of contacting companies about there existing lines and helping to improve/widen their distribution over here in the UK and European markets.

On top of that I've still got a whole load of Cubicle 7 bits that need catching up with which look like they'll have to wait until Saturday now.

Later I'm off to see Fischersponner and Protocol which should be interesting. I have a Fischersponner CD and it's grown on me and Protocol's bassist is one of my flatmates ex's so I've been instructed to smuggle in some rotten eggs :p

Tomorrow night is gaming (yay!), Friday I believe Sarah is coming over for a bite to eat and to try and finish off Angel Season 2. Saturday I'm hoping to meet up with dodgyhoodoo for chatting about various projects and also possibly go for a drink with a friend if she's free. Sunday is my grandmothers birthday and Sister #3's belated birthday party as she's now back in london after working up North over the summer.

If anyone knows a way to double, or triple, the amount of time available in a day I'd be very interested to hear your methods.

Also, I caught The Dead 60's on telly last night and they sounded really good (the song I heard waas very 'The Clash' inspired). Anyone heard more of them? Good? Bad? I think this was the band Delphine was telling me about on saturday so I'll have to ask her next time we speak too.
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Gig: Fischerspooner/Protocol

What a good evening.

I could tell it was going to be good because it started well even before I got on the train. Marc will appreciate this one too :p A really REALLY good looking girl brought a ticket before me and ended up in the same carriage. I think she was either Polish or Czech (that is really not unusal in Finchley these days - I think we are becoming a majority Eastern European community around here!). Anyway, she sat down in front of me and was looking really cute. She then proceeded to get out a Cornetto and eat it incredibly seductively. The mind was not left with much imagination needed in regards to certain acts. She smiled at me a few times while doing this and after finally finishing it and then proceeded to do the same again with a second Cornetto. The tease!!! What made matters worse is that she was most definetly not wearing a bra under her VERy tight top and it showed. I'm a sucker for women with small firm breasts and pretty faces. Anyway, my evening started well (and no I didn't get her number - which was possibly very stupid of me but hey, I'm a shy boy!).

Anyway, on with the proper events of this evening......

I met up with mooncadet in Kentish Town and we headed into Old Compton Street for a bite to eat before having a pre-gig drink at the Cro Bar. Then onwards to The Astoria for an evening of fun with Fischerspooner and Protocol.


I must admit I think I'm going to start getting used to VIP treatment at gigs very quickly. It was really nice to be able to stroll in past the ques and then into the roped off VIP area where we had a table waiting and a great view of the crowd and stage below. Protocol were the first band on. Now I've been interested to see Protocol, not because I've heard any of their music but because the bassist (Steve) is an ex of one of my flatmates and the brother of another friends boyfriend. I don't know how much hype they've actually been getting as I've been getting all the info off a combination of the people who know them but they seem to have a buzz around them. One of the rep's in the guest area said they were very good and he'd had them on at the V Festival last month. They also had a small crowd of fans downstairs who were certainly been very vocal. The music was alright but I didn't think the bulk of it was anything special. The new single however sounds very good and I think it may do quite well. The lead singer has certainly seen too many Rolling Stones footage as his strutting and mannerisms were very Mick Jagger. Protocol got a good reception and Mel thought they were good. It'll be interesting to see where they end up.

Fischerspooner are a weird band. I really wasn't sure what to expect as far as a live show was concerned. I don't think I was expecting the one I got though. The band were all dressed in white and had a couple of ballerina-esque dancers on stage with them. The costumes were all very good and the lead singer was the only one in any real colour. Boy, he gives Marilyn manson a run for his money on the costume changes/per gig front! He started off the gig in what I called a Gay Nero outfit. He was the Emperor and boy did he command the adoration of the crowd! The man has SO MUCH stage presence and is a born entertainer. They played a whole load of songs I recognised from the CD of theirs I have - Just let Go, Never Win (very Pink Floyd), All We Are and so forth before finishing their encore with We Need A War. They were absolutely brilliant and I think are almost certainly going to rate very highly in this years Top Ten live acts when I compile it at New Year. He crowd surfed without missing a note, got the whole of the Astoria jumping with hands pumping the air and basically shone! I wouldn't like to catergorise their music but apparently they are "New Wave/Electro-Pop", which come to think of it sums them up fairly well :p

Great, great night. Many thanks (again) to Mel for making it possible.
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