September 21st, 2005

Old Friend

Germany & Poland Travels....

Well, I've known for a while that october will see me in Germany for a few days because of the large games convention in Essen. I've been for a number of years now and it's a truly fantasic experience. 150,000+ people over four days. The convention centre is massive and I've never been to anything that remotely competes on the same scale. Anyway, I'll be there mainly in my Leisure Games capacity hunting down those nice new board and card games that we can bring over to tantalize folk with. I'll also be there partially in my Cubicle 7 capacity though as I have a few meetings with some foreign publishers and distributors whilst I'm there. Oh, there'll also be some Essen parties to go to :p

It also now looks highly likely I'll be going on holiday (well, sort of holiday) to Poland for eitehr a few days or a week in late October or November. dates are uncertain yet but I'm hoping to stay with one of the publishers/distributors I know out there who have promised to teach me lots of new Polish games as well as showing me a bit of the country. A couple of friends have expressed surprise that I've chosen Poland to go on holiday too but I'm ratehr excited. I've never been to a former Eastern Bloc country before and my idea of a holiday doesn't usually involve sun, sand and sea.
Old Friend

(News) Burberry drops Moss....

Well, I guess Chavs can't afford cocaine and Burberyy didn't want to alienate their customers?

I think this is hideously overblown. Kate is a model and works in the fashion/entertainement industry. Yes, cocaine use is fairly rampant in those industries. Yes she is also going out with a complete muppet dickhead who sometimes glorifies drug use and should be put out of everyone else's misery (can you tell I'm not a Pete Doherty fan? :p). But I do feel the media circus surrounding her 'possible' (albeit very likely) cocaine use is completely two faced.

MET Chief Backs Moss Drug Probe (BBC News Online; Wednesday 21st September 2005)