September 22nd, 2005

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Football - The Carling Cup Upsets

It's one of the reasons I love Cup Matches in football. Having small little teams play the football elite and beating their multi-million pound squads with teams brought together on a non-existent budget.

This years 2nd Round seems to have produced a lot of upsets too which is even better!

Who'd have thought the following results would have been possible!!!

Gillingham (League 1) 3 - 2 Portsmouth (Premiership)
Grimsby (League 2) 1 - 0 Tottenham (Premiership)
Mansfield (League 2)1 - 0 Southmapton (Championship)
Doncaster (League 1) 1 1 Manchester City (Premiership)(Doncaster win 3-0 on Penalties)
Fulham (Premiership) 5 - 4 Lincoln (League 2) (after extra time)
Wycombe (League 2) 3 - 8 Aston Villa (Premiership) (although Wycombe were winning 3-1 at half-time)
Barnet (League 2) 2 - 1 Plymouth (Championship)

2 League 1 teams beat Premiership clubs!
1 League 2 team beat a Premiership club with a second (Lincoln) coming very, very close!!

Oh, and Norwich got through to the 3rd Round as well :D
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I have a really, really clean bedroom floor.... hardly any junk (for junk re: books, games, paper, magazines) on it at all!!!

Unfortunately I'm in the mood for bed as I have to be up really early tomorrow but I can't. My bed is covered in, er, junk :(

Btw, I'm going to be off-line for pretty much the entirety of tomorrow. I'm at a distributor Open House during the day and am at a gig (Seether) in the evening. I'll probably be back home around midnight and will try and do some Thursday-catch-up then. But if you ping me for any reason tomorrow that'll be the reason you'll onyl get silence in response!

Had great fun with the games night this evening. We played Condotierre (Eurogames), Dos Rios Mayfair Games) and SPANC (Steve Jackson Games). Really enjoyed Dos Rios. Maybe more info later when I get some time.

In other news this week has been incredibly productive for me, both Cubicle 7 wise and Leisure Games wise. I like weeks like these....

Right, time to start re-junking the floor......
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It's almost two, I have to be up in about five hours. I still haven't touched clearing my bed. Damn email!!!!

Right....must switch computer off.... must get some sleep.....
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From K to R: Good luck Houston!

It seems like only yesterday I was hoping all my friends in New Orleans were either out of town or had made themselves secure.

Now a few letters furtehr down the alphabet I'm hoping my friends in Texas, and any in Houston in particular, have either evacuated out or have made themselves secure with decent supplies. I don't think I know many/any people actually in Houston but I know many in Texas as a whole. Some of which will still be affected by heavy rains and winds even if they don't get hit by the core of Rita.

Good luck. At least the authorities seem to be on top of this one to a certain extent.
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Track-listings, etc, for new Neph CD

From Music Non-Stops latest newsletter:
FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM - Mourning Sun ( Limited Edition ) £13.95
FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM - Mourning Sun ( Standard Edition ) £11.95

With their first Brand New studio recordings in almost 15 years, The Fields Of The Nephilim truimphantly return with "Mourning Sun". This is instant classic Nephilim music ( no pseudo-hip experiments here ) : anything but an accidental stringing together of arbitrary songs it is a fascinating work of art, revealing encompassing complexity in its overall context. Their brand-new recording, "Mourning Sun" ( their first studio album since their legendary early '90's release "Elizium" ) is another haunting sonic journey which leads the listener into an uncharted world of mysteries and secrets that band mastermind Carl McCoy has been famous for in the past twenty years. "Mourning Sun" links spherical sonic images with driving rhythms, telling stories of a still uncharted future. "The lyrics of Mourning Sun are the words of today that give me a glimpse of tomorrow," explains McCoy, adding: "The whole thing is about looking forward as opposed to dwelling in the past".

To be able to fully concentrate on his ambitious work, McCoy retreated into total isolation, writing the album in a relatively short time. Based on the typical Nephilim sound, he worked on an evolution of his tried-and-tested stylistic devices and arrived at new artistic horizons. "Mourning Sun" is a progression of the previous Nephilim albums, from "Dawnrazor" through "Elizium" to "Zoon" he points out, "no comparison, only progression." He expresses himself in a total of seven epic numbers that live off their breathtaking density and haunting atmospheres. Tracks such as "Shroud ( Exordium )", "Requiem XIII-33 ( Le Veilleur Silencieux )" or the title track "Mourning Sun" ( with over 10 minutes playing time ) all stand in their own right, while at the same time complementing each other, blending into a complex whole. McCoy : "Every track has to be listened to in the context of the album."

Please note that the Limited Edition version of the new Fields Of The Nephilim album "Mourning Sun" comes complete with one Bonus track ( "In The Year 2525" ) plus a Bonus exclusive video track.
Limited CD / CD
01. Shroud ( Exordium ) ( 5:45 )
02. Straight To The Light ( 6:24 )
03. New Gold Dawn ( 7:58 )
04. Requiem XIII-33 ( Le Veilleur Silencieux ) ( 7:21 )
05. Xiberia (Seasons In The Ice Cage) ( 7:33 )
06. She ( 9:26 )
07. Mourning Sun ( 10:33 )

Bonus Tracks ( Only Available with Limited Edition ) :
08. In The Year 2525
09. Bonus Video Clip

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21st November 2005