September 25th, 2005

Old Friend

Never let drunk Angus' talk to their Rock Idols!

Went to see The Mission tonight. Got quite drunk. Drinking before the show, during the show and after the show and then seeing the tour bus with it's doors open and Mr Hussey sitting in there drinking is not a good combination. Especially when Yours Truly sticks his head inside to drunkingly commend said lead singer of one of his favourite bands of the last 20 years on the gig!

I am Angus' drunken shame.

Will hopefulyl write review of gig tomorrow when I'm awake and have hopefully recovered from likely hang-over and have showered to smell nice again. Lots of dancing, lots of being a piller in human towers, and lots of drinking with friends new and old. Boy am I going to ache tomorrow.
Old Friend

Very Angry - Blair Poodles to Bush on Environment

Right, I am now incredibly annoyed with Mr Blair. I've disagreed with Bush's poodle a number of times in the past on some major issues (most notably the War in Iraq) but this one I seriously hopes gets enough backlash against him that someone in his own party/cabinet decides to stand up to him and bring him down.

Seriously, if Blair stays in office much longer I really hope we see the biggest backlash against the government for decades. Something really needs to be done to show him and his sponsors and Parliamentary supportrers that Blair has completely lost touch with the feelings of those who kept him in power. OK, so there was little alternative than to keep him in power on a reduced majority (come on, few of wanted the Conservatives back and the LibDems still need to grow some more and get a more charismatic leader and representatives) but it doesn't mean that the country should roll over and accept his bullshit.

Anyway, what's made me mad this time?

Well, this......

Blair Falls Into Line With Bush View On Global Warming (Independent Online Edition; Sunday 25th September 2005)

Apparently this also now means Britains opposition to the Kyoto Protocl too.

Please, everyone, write letters of complaint to your MPs, your local papers, and try and get something done if this annoys you.
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Old Friend

Mobile Phone Death

Hi folks,

My mobile has just blinked out on me. Don't know why as the battery bar was still healthy. I've dismantled it, jiggled the battery and SIM card, and put it together again and it's still not wanting to show me any signs of life.

Doubly sucks as I was about to ring someone about arrangements for tonight whose number I only have on the actual mobile.

Hopefully I'll be able to breath some life into it later but if not then I'm out of the loop as far as texts and calls are concerned until it gets fixed.
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