September 30th, 2005


"Land of the Dead" and new card game idea....

Saw Romero's "Land of the Dead" this evening with weaselbitch. ukmonty met up with us for a drink prior to the film but is a girly wuss when it comes to "horror" flicks and couldn't bring himself to "scream like a girl" infront of us and the rest of the cinema :p

Land of the Dead. Hmmm. Romero is The Grandfather of the Zombie genre. His previous films are true Cult films, even if they are for the most part poorly acted and, by todays standards, very cliched. The thing is they are cliched because many of the zombie flicks that have come since have largely paid homage to his ideas. His films are the originals. The only problem is that whilst he may have single handedly invented the genre as we know it today other people have taken his ideas and done much better jobs. Thus his new film seems like a poor wannabe when you compare it to the remake of Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead or even 28 Days Later.

The premise is good and it carries on the storyline laid out in his three previous zombie films. Zombies have taken over the world and mankind has retreated to a number of heavily fortified Safe Havens which they send raiding parties out of in search of food and equipment. This has been the status quo for quite some time and a sembalance of 'normality' has developed within the human Cities. Unfortunately the zombies have started to 'learn' and this is starting to cause a few problems.....

The film had some good bits in it. I quite enjoyed it but it also had a lot which let it down. By all means go and see it, but personally I think it's really only cut out for the hard core Romero fans or to watch on DVD after a night out at the pub. School Report: C-

On the way home I had a brainwave for a new card game. Have already written some notes and will probably finish the first version on Saturday night or Sunday when I have more time to sort it out. I think it'll be part of a special series of games I'm planning for next year to tie-in with the 21st birthday of Leisure Games. It's cool (but I would say that :p) and I'll probably bring a playtest copy to Dragonmeet with me.
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(News) Danes admit killing Rudolph the Reindeer: Santa gets Compensation

Just read this over breakfast and thought I'd share. For those of you with young kids though I'd keep this quite.....

The Danish air force has admitted causing the death of Rudolph the Reindeer and has paid compensation of Father Christmas.

Air Force Payout Cues Santa Woes (BBC News Online; Friday 30th September 2005)

Hope the rest of the reindeer crew are alright and can still make the round trip at Christmas!!!
Old Friend

This Weekend (and bits of next week)

Friday night - Now popping down to The Dev for a couple of hours to have a drink with Anki. Won't be a late one as have to work on Saturday. Sinbad asked about clubbing but that's past my bedtime tonight!
Saturday day - Running 'Heroclix' demos at Leisure Games from 10.30 til about 4pm (possibly later depending on interest)
Saturday evening - working on Cubicle 7 material at home (have contracts that need writing/sending) also hoping to write some more bits for the card games.
Sunday day - Working at Leisure Games.

Next week will see me seeing a very old, dear, friend on Tuesday/Wednesday so I will be offline for the best part of 24 hours. Wednesday night gaming, Thursday night Goldfrapp (YAY!), Friday Maggie is coming down from manchester for the weekend and we'll be hitting SIN CITY in Camden for some RAWK action :p

Anyone who wants to join us for Sin City next Friday is more than welcome!


I've also just discovered Anita Lane (only about 15-20 years too late!) and she is wonderful. Very Nick Cavey with a big hint of Wendy James (Transvision Vamp) style vocals.
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