October 5th, 2005

Old Friend

Sorry, no sex here I'm British......

Well my last post has certainly thrown up an interesting/amusing thread.

Who would have known posting a simple smile would lead to a thread about me getting laid? :p

But sorry folks. I wasn't laid last night, didn't even get anywhere near being laid and wasn't intending on being either.

I just had a really wonderful evening in London with a very dear friend who I'd not seen for a while. Pubs, Wagamamas and more pubs were involved and lots and lots of talking. It was really good and I was very happy upon returning home. I was also a little tiddly and didn't fancy writing a post as I thought I'd end up waffling so just posted the smiley instead.

In reply to the thread though, I'm more of a gentleman (I hope) than to post whenever I get laid. If I did there would possibly be a few people out there who wouldn't have slept with me if they thought my motormouth (or fingers on keyboards) would then expose the fact for all the world to see!

Generally speaking my sex life (especially when I'm not in a relationship with someone at the time) is between me and that person and will remain that way. Not something for public broadcast and comment.

I find privacy in this matter a fairly important consideration in keeping friendships going.
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Drawn Tog

White Wedding......

'Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls' arrived in the post this morning. Now I know it was relaesed @ 2003 so I'm behind the time son this one but I only properly heard The Murderdolls earlier this year courtesy of good old Music TV (I think it was on Scuzz or Kerrang). The main thing that prompted me to get 'Beyond the Valley...' is that the CD contains a very good cover of Billy Idols 'White Wedding'. I seem to be a bit of a sucker for cover versions and one day WILL compile a CD just of covers (there are some really great ones out there). Not sure what the rest of the Murderdolls CD is going to be like (I went straight to Track 19 :p) but here's to discovering another new (to me) band today!

Staying on the CD front for a moment. Last night I arrange to meet a friend in London. Our meeting point was the large Harmony store on Charing Cross Road but as she was running a few minutes late and I'd arrived a few minutes early I decided not to look like a dirty old pervert by hanging around outside Harmony (which is a sex shop) and pop into Virgin Megastore to have a look around.

Bad move. Ended up leaving with Sons & Daughters 'Love The Cup', All About Eve 'Acoustic Nights' Double-CD, VHS or Beta 'Night On Fire' and Something Happens 'The Best Of...'.

I also received in the post today Iron & Wine's 'Our Endless Numbered Days' and The Creek Drank The Candle', Combichrist 'Everybody Hates You' and Anita Lane's 'Dirty Pearl' and 'Sex O'Clock' (ok, the last two arrived yesterday). Definetly a varied bag....
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Old Friend

Christmas is 1/4 of the year!

It always saddens me to see Christmas gifts, wrapping paper, cards, crackers, sweet selection boxes, etc, appear on the shelves of stores (especially supermarkets) right at the beginning of October - alomost 3 whole months before the actual date itself!!!

I feel it cheapens Christmas and doesn't give the kids the thrill it used to when lights went on and stores became Christmassy at the beginning of December.

Christmas is pretty much just a commercial point in the year these days. I know churches get higher numbers at Christmas too and persoanlly I feel that it says more negative things about Christmas-only worshippers than positive.

Not that I should really get wound-up about all of this because I don't celebrate Christmas anyway (I do however celebrate mid-winters which my family celebrate on the 25th as its just a lot easier as we're all off work and going to be in one place anyway :p).