October 6th, 2005

Old Friend

Friday Night: SIN CITY

Right, a small posse of people have been rounded up for drinks at The Worlds End (meeting about 9pm) in Camden followed by some club-action at Sin City at The Electric Ballroom.

Anyone who wants to come please do as it should be fun (or at least mildly drunken in good company even if the music is metal/rock and I'll be the oldest one in the club by a good 10 years! :p)

I'm going to try and find a cinema that's showing Nightwatch on Saturday afternoon if anyone's interested. The backup option was 'History of Violence' but I ended up seeing that this evening with Jade (which I thought was pretty good. May do a review but if not it'd fall in the C+/B- region.

I've also realised that I'm almost certainly going to be missing both of Englands last two World Cup Qualifiers. During Saturdays game I'll almost certainly be in the cinema (and if I'm not I'll be with two very non-football fans) and on Wednesday night's cruch match I'll be in Germany - where I doubt they'll be playing the England - Poland match. Although I do recall going to a sports bar last year on one of the evenings (I'm 75% certain that it was in Essen although I might be getting mixed up with Nuremburg?) but still doubt they'll be showing England :(
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Old Friend

David Icke - Live!

Hmmm.....want to know more about the serpent men conspiracy that the world governments are hiding? (or whatever it is Icke spouts on about?).... am actually tempted from a fun angle and might make great reserach for all conspiracy games.....

David Icke: Freedom or Fascism - The Time to Chose
Saturday 6th May 2006 (12.30pm-9.00pm): Carling Academy Brixton
Ex Coventry goalkeeper, former BBC sport presenter pervious, former national spokesperson for the Green Party and now a leading light into who and what is really controlling the world, David Icke returns for his first talk in the UK in 3 years. Don't miss one of the more interesting speakers returning to speak @ Carling Academy Brixton.
Tickets available online @ Ticketweb or phone 0870 771 2000