November 3rd, 2005


Celldweller and Robotic Werewolves....

Today I have discovered the remarkably good Celldweller courtesy of snesgirl who also provided me with the Fort Minor promo CD (Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park's other band) which is rather polished hip-hop. I actually fancy still going to see them live now despite having a few misgivings after talking to a few people who were a bit negative about them. Celldweller ar very good though and a band I'd certainly go and see without any hesitation if they ever play these fair shores.....

I have also been asked if I can provide a full sized working werewolf robot for promotional purposes for the Camarilla UK. Hmmm.... I had a look around and I found a robotic werewolf. Somehow I don't think they were meaning this one....

TREBLE (Mega Man Series)

  • SWN-002
  • Created: Circa 2014
  • Occupation: The werewolf-like support robot for Bass built by Wily.
  • Likes: Girls.
  • Dislikes: Leashes and cigarettes.

Treble is the robotic werewolf that was created by Dr. Wily in order to serve as Bass' companion and supporter. Treble has the ability to merge with Bass to in a maneuver known as the Gospel Boost (Gospel is Treble's name in Japan), where Bass can fly around like Jet Mega Man and blast his targets to scrap. Thus, Treble is truly a force to be reckoned with.

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Socialist Reading......

Yo friends! I need some advice from the more political active of ya! (Looking at Malc, Grim and Adam primarily I'm guessing on this one...)

I would like to have some books suggestions on the following:

Cuban Revolution and the Revolutionary Movement in South/Central America
France 1968 (Student and Workers Protests)
Pro-active Socialism and underground movements in the 60's through to modern day

Many thanks for tips!
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