November 8th, 2005

Old Friend

Without Stripes.....

I don't know why but work for the last couple of weeks has been really quite frantic. It seems that people have decided to start Christmas shopping early for some reason this year. Our orders are most definetly up on this same period last year and we're seeing some real movement in the board games market which is great news. Plus the Serenity RPG continues to not want to stay on our shelves, to the extent that we just received an amount that places it firmly as our #1 selling RPG this year, even above the Warhammer Fantasy RPG.

Alas, this boom in business (and long may it continue) has hampered my social life recently. Luckily last week was my 'Week of Hermitage' after a couple of busy gigging weeks. This week was supposed to see me back to being Mr Socialite but working yesterday until 7.30pm and tonight until 8.30pm has meant that I couldn't make the Sheep on Drugs gig on Monday (although from reports that was a lucky escape), nor could I make The White Stripes at Ally Pally this evening (which I'm hoping Mel, Monty, Em and Surfer Boy are having much fun at!).

On the plus side the latest Boards of Canada CD arrived this morning so that'll be popped on in a minute and I did manage to have a nice soak surrounded by bubbles :p

As for the rest of the week I'm gaming tomorrow and WILL be at B-Movie on Friday night but that is all my confirmed plans so far. Might have to spend Thursday evening trying to catch up on all of the email backlog if my email problem's fixed by then (which it should be) and I don't have to stay late at work.
Drawn Together

Kate Bush

Right, I know some of you are die-hard Kate Bush fans (Charlotte, Dave - I'm looking at the two of you in particular...).

I have the new CD on order and whilst rummaging around for her back catalogue I seem to only have her best of (I think I must have had some years ago on cassette or am just getting mixed up with seeing Dave's Kate Bush collection around the house before he disappeared up north).

So my question for all of you out there is what order of priority would you put the following albums for me to buy ( have them all for £5.99 each or 2 for £10.99 :)

Hounds of Love
Kick Inside
Sensual World
Never For Ever
Red Shoes
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