November 10th, 2005

Serenity Firefly Movie

(Games Night) In a Galaxy Far Far Away.....

Tonight we returned to RPGing after way too long a break. We're playing Star Wars d6, which I last played back in the late 80's I think??? Scarey....

First part of the evening was character gen and a bit of background on the characters, their relationships and who we're working for. The second part was getting into the game and trying not to get killed whilst getting a bill defeated that the Emperor wanted but our Senator (and much of the non-human contingents) didn't. We just managed to succeed in the defiance of some dirty tactics played against us, although it cost us (well, it cost our Senator) quite a bit.

It was fun to be RPGing again and I'm looking forward to continuing it next week too.

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Angus May 2005


OK, I'm definetly going to be out at B-Movie for the first time since April (shocking - especially when you consider I've attempted to have my birthday party at least twice down there and have ended up cancelling both attempts!).

I've managed to kidnap Marc T tomorrow night for his first ever B-Movie party and want to know who else out of you lovely people will be in attendce!

Come on, it'll be great fun and we can dance the night away together!!!!


In other news - I have managed to get the ENTIRE weekend off work!!! Yay Me!!! This must be the first this year!!!

Of course I am busy this weekend but at least I'm not working! :)

Spotted that MONO are playing the Underworld on Saturday night so might pop down and see them, although I am hoping to pop into The College Arms for a chat with a few people before the Camarilla game there if possible. Sunday is my Mums birthday party so I'll be feasting well and playing games :)
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